Season 2017 - Melbourne


What a piece of crud.


Also 1994 must be a good couple of years before C Oliver was even born. As if he “remembers”??


Swans will target Oliver on Friday night.


Why am I not surprised?


Will win no fans amongst other players with that sort of BS.

The MRP are ridiculous


Have no problem with Oliver. Happy that Schofield got a week for his stupudity in flicking out his arm. I have zero tolerance for any kind of fist,forearm or elbow to the head. One week is the starting point.


Spoken like a man who has never played contact sport. I hope next time someone really hits him. Getting someone suspended by diving is a dog’s act. If Schofield was a Bomber I would want that challenged. There are 100 harder headshots in every game.


The ALF makes life too difficult. Any fist or arm to the head is an automatic one week penalty. Then work up from there for severity of strikes.


This blog is a ■■■■■■. Worth hunting down his match reports from when we spanked them


Lol. That is one ■■■■ bio.


Apparently 4 players missed the Sydney game due to partying , according the Herald sun.

MELBOURNE ruled four players ineligible for AFL selection against Sydney on Friday night after breaking club rules by indulging in a drinking session last week.

The Herald Sun can reveal Jay Kennedy-Harris, Ben Kennedy, Dean Kent and Jake Spencer were all told they would not be picked against the Swans, despite the Demons’ mounting injury list.

       Young professional footballers drinking before a game ? Who would have thought  !!!!


Definition of a group of players getting ahead of themselves.

We should save our cap space and throw a massive contract at Patracca. I don’t think he would be a kid entirely hell bent on being a one club Demon.


The Dees are copping it in the media with most media personalities (360, FC, different articles across all media) stating that they have gone from being aggressive to crossing the line and getting ahead of themselves.

It’s an interesting one and it certainly looks that way from the games I have watched. They didn’t play that way under Roosy so is this Goodwin’s fault, is it due to what he is coaching them? Or is it simply the players getting ahead of themselves?


They’re on the good stuff.


I reckon it’s just that the blokes on that team are a bunch of farkwits in general


I’d point at laugh at a team getting ahead of itself without actually achieving anything but…


They were light on for aggression, so they brought in Lewis (and to a lesser extent Hibberd and Melksham) and I’ve no doubt part of Lewis’ role has been to ramp up the ‘unsociability’ of their playing group in general.

It looks like they might have overcorrected, but at the same time if they’d beaten sydney there’d be a circle jerk about the ruthless hard-edge that Goodwin’s brought.

Remember that time north decided to physically go at the hawks and everyone was creaming their pants about how Hodgey and Lewis were belting north players, and how hard they were?


Apparently this is legit. Says it all.


Apparently they were trying to give away 20,000 seats to the game against Saints

Anyone else hear this?


Not sure of number but they were definitely giving free tickets away