Season 2017 - Melbourne


Most of the media has been blowing smoke up Melbourne’s rear end all season long for no really good reason.

Too bad the ski season’s nearly over Dees fans.


It’s going to be hilarious now the Melbourne faithful will start to question the Goodwin strategy of over the top aggression, suspensions and injured players.

Have a poor start to next year and the real pressure will mount. I thought it would happen this year with a bad mid season run. But I think the injuries gave Goodwin the excuse he needed.


Real schadenfreude at my end here. Got a mate of mine who hates us with a passion and has been dropping the boots into us at every opportunity. Was hoping the Dees would miss just for a opportunity to return fire. Been some cracking memes on social media. Suck ■■■■ you irrelevant losers!


Goodwin won’t be sacked. And it certainly won’t be because they’ve been ‘over aggressive’. Given their last decade, they needed to start showing some fighting spirit.

Across a whole season, they missed out on finals by two goals. That’s a five minute lapse against a ■■■■ team.

They’ll come out with a different hunger next year.
This will burn them the way the 99 Prelim burned us.

They should receive the wake up call that I hope we get through these finals. You cannot afford to lose to teams in the bottom 4, play inconsistent footy and still expect to make finals.


Everyone involved in that final round screw-up will now have another life regret to deal with.




Wonder if they will trade or delist Watts.


Why we did…


I don’t think there is a team in these finals that have not lost to bottom teams.


Why? He had a decent year so not sure why they would delist him now.


Yep and it has been one of those very inconsistent years for most teams.


I was watching the bloke with the enormous gob, not sure of his name on Marngrook last Thursday. He was on with N Jetta. Thought at the time he seemed a little too pleased with himself and gave the impression that he was a little ahead of himself. Turned out he/they were. Melbourne are such arseholes.


Brisbane beat us.
Gold Coast beat Geelong and West Coast.
Carlton beat us, GWS and Sydney.
North Melbourne beat Adelaide.

Did we smash any of those four teams to get us a percentage boost?
You can afford one surprise loss. Not two.

And certainly not when you have an easier draw than other finalists.
If we drop two games to bottom four teams next year (with an expected tougher draw), then a finals spot cannot be expected.


Nathan Jones presser right now.

Apologising? Stepping down? Retiring?


Last “sorry for being ■■■■” before hitting the turps I’d assume.


I like to read this thread when I am feeling down.



Move along nothing to see here.


They held a press conference to say sorry?


Eat a giant bag of d1cks, Melbourne. I hate you.