Season 2017 - Melbourne


Pretty sure it was just the standard Monday morning stand in front of some sponsor signage answering media questions thing that every club does. Fyfe was doing one at the same time saying sorry for not high fiving a kid at the game.


I’m quite happy Demons didn’t make it. Reckon it’s great.




Bring him in


Shouldn’t they be doing Mad Monday? You know, because they choked and their season is over?


AFL Fans Mourn Melbourne Demons Loss By Putting Out Their Cheeseboards

No amount of blue vein cheese will appease these fans.
28/08/2017 10:58 AM AEST | Updated 3 hours ago
David Barden Journalist, HuffPost Australia

Will this bloke’s cheeseboard ever know what it’s like to be taken to a Demons match during the AFL finals?
To the disappointment of fans, the Melbourne Demons will continue its 11-year finals drought, pipped out of the top eight after the West Coast Eagles beat Adelaide by 29 points.

With the final eight now locked in for the AFL finals, people are wondering what Melbourne’s fans – who are renowned for their upper “crust” tastes – are going to do.

Taking their cue from a fan who brought his own gourmet charcuterie board to a game at the MCG earlier this month, fans have been hilariously putting out their own cheeseboards to express their disappointment.


The guy next to 'Cheese Guy" is wearing a jacket with padded elbows. GET HIM!



So many stereotypes being beautifully reinforced here…

Is that a hollowed-out avocado he’s got there as well?


“You’ve ruined a perfectly good jacket”

“Incorrect, Marge. I’ve ruined two perfectly good jackets”.


great seeing that flog lewis miss finals

eat a bag hibberd as well


AFL Wrap: Demons’ sledging backfires; Ablett a ‘selfish little mongrel’; Footy’s strange snub
James Matthey,
August 29, 2017 9:19am
MELBOURNE will have an entire off-season to wallow in self-pity after a late-season shocker crushed the Demons’ hopes of making their first finals appearance in 11 years.

Collingwood defeated the Dees 14.15 (99) to 12.11 (83) on Saturday and when Essendon and West Coast both won their clashes on the weekend, Simon Goodwin’s men slipped out of the top eight.

Melbourne looked for all money like it was September-bound but the late twist of fate that was the Eagles upsetting minor premiers Adelaide crushed supporters’ hearts. Ex-Demons star David Schwarz said he was “gutted” his former side collapsed in the first quarter to pave the way for a Magpies’ victory.

“How can you rock up to a game not ready?” Schwarz said on SEN’s The Run Home. “I’m not making excuses, they weren’t good enough … they got well and truly ahead of themselves and they have no right to do that. They haven’t achieved for a long time.

“It’s devastating for the younger players. It’ll burn, and hopefully it burns over summer. If Jack Watts, or any other player, thinks they can cruise through the pre-season, I don’t want them to. I want this to hurt and for them to come back and be hungrier than ever before.”

Melbourne had success against several sides who find themselves in the top eight, which made its end-of-season disaster even tougher for Schwarz to swallow.

“When you sit back and summarise, and look over what happened in the year, to play some good footy, and some really great footy, and then to let it slip, is really disappointing,” he said.

“I’ve never been more gutted … ever.”

Herald Sun journalist Mick Warner revealed the finals bungle hurt Melbourne in more ways than one as some arrogant sledging during the side’s win over St Kilda a few weeks ago came back to haunt the Demons.

“Late in that (final) quarter there were some sledges directed from Melbourne players to St Kilda players along the lines of, ‘What are you blokes doing in September?’” Warner said on Fox Sports program On The Couch.

“As we know it turned out none of them were doing much in September.”

“Are you serious? Host Gerard Healy added.

Speaking on Channel Seven’s Talking Footy, Brian Taylor questioned whether the Demons played with an “unhealthy arrogance” while footy legend Wayne Carey said they were “abysmal” and “didn’t turn up” against Collingwood.


lol. joke club.



Flog club with flog fans


Hopefully we don’t see any of this flog arrogance from our up and coming team. There’s nothing to suggest that would creep in at all with Hepp, Hurls, Zaka, Myers etc in the senior or leadership group though thankfully.

What a bunch of flogs.


Avocado + cheese bloke is alright. So is Dr Turf. Can’t think of any others.


I went to the the Essendon vs Melbourne game last year, with a Melbourne supporter mate.

When we beat them, he absolutely lost his ■■■■. Then had a crack at me saying that, we have no right to win when we are going to be making the finals.

My come back was:
what right do you have to be arrogant about making finals when you support Melbourne!

At the start of the year, it was simply a given that Melbourne would stroll into the finals. Everyone bought into the Goodwin hype. This is f*cking Melbourne we’re talking about.


A mate got his Melbourne membership finals ticket offer in the mail today.
Good times.


they deliver mail to the snow?