Season 2017 - Melbourne


That’s bad luck for J Trengrove. 5x years ago life was looking considerably different.


Fark Melbourne in the worst possible way.
Just got back from Sydney and watched PA v WC replay. What a load of ■■■■■.
Even playing the way we played against Snydley we would have beaten PA.
If Melbourne had beaten Collywobbles all would have been OK. But, no, they were just too up themselves to try hard.
They deserved to miss the finals after that hubris.
After beating PA our confidence would have grown enough to challenge further into the finals.
So fark Melbourne, FOAD.

Yeah. I know! We shoulda done better against Snydley.


Harry O’Flog has lost his marbles.




Thought he was a moron when he was playing and he seems to only have gotten worse since retirement.


Really? I don’t watch the show but from what I’ve seen on social media I assumed The Panel promoted a pro-Muslim/anti white Australian agenda.

Live and learn…


They typically do when I’ve watched it at least.

Harry just isn’t happy unless he is outraged or offended by something.


I genuinely think he’s got a paranoia disorder of some sort.


Waleed Ally, good name for a white supremacist, NOT! Hertier getting hurter, needs help. It isn’t paranoia if they really are after you, but come on. This is laughable but not in a good way, he has some serious issues and the AFLPA needs to help him.


He’d have serious issues even if he wasn’t a footballer.
AFLPA can help. But his family and close friends really should be looking out for him.


In my opinion (and like everyone, I do have them) it’s dangerous to make assumptions about a person over such an important issue. Some are better at expressing themselves than others. Some struggle for relevance or the relevance of their cause and use whatever they can with increasing fervor as they feel their cause floundering, and the language or methods they use can work against them.


Give someone who loves being in the spotlight, more spotlight.

What does he then crave? More spotlight.

Stop reporting his idiotic theories and ridiculous nonsense thoughts and he’ll go away.


Havin a beverage with brad green at the mo @Riolio he’s a prick


Group included schwarz and neitz, latter tried to hit on my better half, farkn peanut gallery


Did he do this…every time he went to the bar and didn’t have to queue up for a drink?


How do we get Watts? Let’s get Watts.


Why was he so proud to play for the sponsor?


Hasn’t Watts suffered enough?


Did he open with ‘i almost played for manchester united’


This guy has issues.