Season 2017 - Melbourne


I really, really hate this farking club.


Oliver is a player.


When I think about clubs I hate, Melbourne and St Kilda are at the top. Don’t know why. They’re pissant clubs with no supporters and two of the three most irrelevant clubs in the land. And they ■■■■ me.


Notice how the Age dredges up every bit of salacious stuff from the its slime file and regurgitates it when it gets the chance. Becoming a Bauer media lookalike, only printed on shittier paper


Port and dogs for me.


Cant beleive none of you have said Fark Carlton. seriously p*ss weak


Would be pretty disappointed if our players approached the AFLPA without the clubs knowledge.

The players have far to much to say in this competition I think.

Melbourne players sought counsel from the AFL Players’ Association to have their pre-Christmas gruelling training camp called off.

Players cited injury concerns after last year’s corresponding camp saw Christian Salem concussed and Dom Tyson injure his knee.

Fairfax Media understands that Melbourne players met with the AFLPA to seek guidance on how to approach the situation with the club.

Last year’s camp became infamous for how physically and mentally hard it was.

Players had to endure gruelling beach runs, strength tests and sleep deprivation that included being woken up in the middle of the night and given tasks.

Salem knocked himself out after a brick in his backpack hit him while hiking. The defender later admitted to not packing the bag properly.

Star midfielder Tyson was also a casualty, hurting his patella tendon.

It’s understood that Melbourne will continue to train normally up until Christmas.



That’s pretty funny on a few levels


Must have been the “gruelling beach runs”.


Guess theyre not fairdinkum.


I say, steady on. That’s not how chaps treat chaps.


Will they lobby the AFLPA to make them stop sucking at football as well?


Whatever It Doesn’t Take.


I heard Jack Watts hasn’t turned up to a single training session.


Apart from the sleep deprivation, they have nothing to complain about. Sooks.


and their guidance must have been to ask Fairfax Media to write a story about it


I find it staggering that players would go outside the club over something like this.

Would lol if it was Melksham behind this.


Not sure Melksham would have a lot of faith in the AFLPA