Season 2017 - Melbourne


He’d be more likely to be hitting guys in the back of the head with a brick and yelling “Backpack! Backpack!” Dora the Explorer style.


Apparently last year’s camp was a bit of a disaster - Good move by the players - Sometimes players have to lead the way.


Lol… very funny.


Essendon players during the saga “if they were worried about the program why didint they raise it with anyone”.

Melbourne players raise their concerns about unsafe workplace “weak as ■■■■”


PP2, this was not a supplements program, it was a pre season camp. How did the situation escalate to 14 blokes contacting the AFL Players association? They way it happened raises questions over the coaching group, player leadership group and general culture of their club. Its just plain bizzare and I’m glad its them and not us.


Isn’t most of the demons staff ex dons ? :thinking:


They should also grow a spine and speak with the coach


And half the players.


I don’t see anything wrong with this. It’s not like they approached the AFL. They approached the AFLPA. Big difference.

Also it’s Melbourne. Who gives a ■■■■


However you look at it, it’s not a good look.
Well, alright, if you squint your eyes and hop on one leg like some then it can look like…■■■■■■ if I know, but something good, apparently.

Half the team goes to the union instead of the club, or after being ignored by the club.
And then someone leaks it to the press.

Enjoy the bottom ten again, Melbourne.


I did, … and trust me, it doesn’t look like something good


I just read it as written - they sought advice as to how to approach it.

I agree it could be very bad but it could also be incredibly innocuous and just a case of “■■■■, no one is talking AFL at the moment, we’re all out of jobs, look over there!”. I know which one I’m going with.



Yeah it was tough last year so what, that’s the point. One player hurt his knee, could happen doing anything… fall off a bike, hiking in Utah etc … And the other didn’t do up his backpack properly and concussed himself via a brick.


That second part gets funnier every time I read it


Brick loves backpacks


I have a lot to give.


Did anybody catch the Age article suggesting that a Melbourne player is under investigation for sexual assault.

Went to open it but got blocked then minutes later was taken down.



Yep, you can’t access it now.