Season 2017 - North Melbourne


He retired in 2016 with a year left on his salary.
So his 2017 salary goes to the 2016 salary. That’s what the rule was the last time I recall a player retiring eith a year on their contract (happened around five years ago).

That was also noted when Buddy went to Sydney.
So in Swallow’s case, next year’s salary goes towards this year’s salary cap.


Really? Did they change that at some point or is it flexible so the club can choose which year they include it in?
Voss retired a year early from the Lions and they included his last year’s salary in the following season.


Knowing the AFL, there was probably never a rule written down.


Voss stayed on the list for his final contract year, at least nominally. The Lions could afford to put the final year of salary he was contracted for in the salary cap of the final year he player in. So they just had to go through his final contracted year with him still officially ‘listed’, even though he wasn’t training/playing/etc.


Which is effectively what is happening with Patfull, except for being allowed to move him from main to rookie.


63 in one year as the only real key forward. Would love to see him do that more consistently with another strong key forward and not Waite.


Hooker won us the game would have probably lost if he didn’t play.

I always get nervous when we play ■■■■ sides like North,Brisbane,Freo etc. I hope we see the end of Essington and start flogging these teams like the good sides do.


It seems like such a long time ago we had a proper floggin of a ■■■■ team. Melbourne 2012 comes to mind.

Lets hope we do this to North this year.


Funny story I was in Woolworths today and I noticed the guy in front of me was buying boxes and boxes of cheap Woolies tissues. Look up and he is wearing a North Melbourne cap. I asked him if he was stocking up for season '18 or still recovering from re-signing Scott and the trade period. Not funny apparantly!


North Melbourne Footy Club are ready for the preseason.


north players required to attend the working bee


I remember going to Arden Street in the 70s. The only beer for sale was Courage who were North’s sponsor.

For that alone they should stand eternally condemned.


We used to have our VTCA match committee meetings at North Social Club. Very 1970s…in the 1990s.

And the Kanga Kasino was a disgrace.

When it burned down, it certainly did generate millions of dollars improvements.


I’m surprised Jamie Elliott got in trouble for ■■■■■■■ in North Melbourne, if I were his lawyer I’d argue it’s inpossible to tell it’s not a toilet.


Weren’t they offered two first round picks for Goldstein a couple of years ago and thus year they couldn’t pay for him to play at another club because no one wanted him?


That was the year before when he was coming off an All Australian selection.
Last year they got low balled by anyone semi interested.
This season, Goldstein said he won’t leave Victoria so North couldn’t find anyone willing to take on his contract.

North are now gambling / hoping his form picks up after two years of ‘personal issues’ and they get a second round pick in a stronger draft next season.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Sydney throw a whole heap of $$$ at him to make get Goldstein’s interest.


Can Sydney afford to throw a whole heap of $$$ at anyone when they’ve got Buddy & Tippett’s contracts weighing them down?


And they’ve got a full complement of rucks…including having offloaded Nankervis last year.


Is Tippett off contract next year? He’s reputedly on 800k, they could kick him to the curb, get Goldstein for a pick, probably have North kick in a little (very, very little), and save themselves a fair bit.


Can anyone give me some sort of logical explanation why North have persisted Majak Daw for so long?
He’s already played 8 seasons and he’s contracted til the end of 2019