Season 2017 - North Melbourne


and they just gave him their number 1 guernsey. surely this club is tanking harder than world war 2


Ummm, who is this guy?


lol…leadership group…no one knows him…ok man you elite, aight?


Left footer, HBF, of Scottish Heritage.

First name is the same as an iconic native animal which is on our coat of arms


He played one superstar game about 2014?

To me he still looks like he’s gassed by quarter time most games. Other than that, he played that one superstar game about 3 years ago. Never going to be a ruck but they don’t seem to back him as a forward target either so…
Also, did I mention, on one occasion, he dominated the Bulldogs once.





It is a coincidence that he ended up at the club who are named after the same animal.


Incredible amount of traffic in the norf thread for preseason


Blitzers looking for laughs?


Ironically probably more than any North forum in existence


So in response to a 7 billion proposal North counter with 10 million? It’s so stupid it’s almost believable North would do it.

Great “communicating” there Mr Bowen!


I hear they have upped their offer to Josh Kelly. Reportedly a $400 million deal over 40 years.


7 billion? WTF?


The larger sum refers to rebuilding a large chunk of that dump of a suburb, in sync with its new Metro station.


yep - 30 year plan


Well after Josh rejected the $1 mill a year for 10 years, they suddenly had $10 mill to spend.


Shinboner Plaza? Ewww, I hate reflux


Haha, yeah I know. But it reads terribly.

Also I just wanted to make fun of North.