Season 2017 - North Melbourne


at least they still have that good ol’ shinboner spirit


Things are never as good as they seem, nor as bad as it seems.

Kangaroos will slowly improve in the next few years.


They wont relocate. The AFL tried to get them to the GC before making the Suns and they refused. The issue is they never had a big member base even in their ‘Glory Years’ when they won their last premiership.

They will never be relevant as long as they are in Arden St. Its hilarious that in the zone they reside in, more fans go for the Dons, Magpies, Hawks and Bulldogs rather than the Roos.


Ben Brown?


Nah. They’ll go down before they improve. The reality is that the current list has little improvement in it. They’ve been a middle rung team for too long and have not able to get top end talent in as a result. I think they have over performed with a ■■■■ list which makes the fall even harder.
They have poor facilities and a poor supporter base and therefore cannot attract top end talent despite having a wad of cash.
I reckon Buckenara is on the money.


They will be as bad as Richmond were meant to be this year


Overachieving for a few years is hurting them now. Especially when they were carried by a bunch of old blokes who are now all gone.


Did North even field a team this year?


That article is ■■■■■■ hilarious. They won’t be able to afford to pay Scott out either, so they’re stuck with him for 3 more seasons. As for Scott, well his coaching career will be over after those 3 seasons. That would be why he’s so ■■■■■■. He probably had a better chance of performing a miracle if he went to the Gold Coast.


Buckenara has an opinion about everything. Each opinion worth less than the one before


The bit I don’t understand is how can Crocker go from Director of Coaching to a line coach…

Effectively he should have been Scott’s Boss to now his subordinate.

Clearly if this is the case Crocker did not carry enough weight or authority to actually be Scott’s Boss and the club sounds completely ■■■■■■.

It would be like making Mark Harvey Director of Coaching next year and then backline coach the year after. WT actual F!


Just ■■■■ off to tassie already. Take Brad Scott with you.


No doubt he has some bias but he is also knowledgeable.
Opinions are like arseholes - everyone has one. He’s paid to provide his which does not make it correct or incorrect.
My guess is that to him it’s opposite to what you say with each opinion being worth more than the one before.


Bucky is good


Seems to be a realisation that Norf is headed for a long period of mediocrity, 18 years old #1 draft picks, compo picks and maybe a relocation to Tassie unless they start shaking tins now.


North Melbourne - delisted


They’ll still beat us,


North Melbourne Football Club policy:
“Our list strategy is to develop our youth heavily. Therefore, once a player grows pubes, he must be delisted at seasons end. Also Majak Daw is going to be a superstar”


North Melbourne are still a thing?



As rocky said, they’ll still beat us. The moved on their experiences players too quickly, no need yo get rid of all 4 unless you are clearing the decks for a superstar. Should have have let dal Santo and boomer play on one more season and have a gradual change. Still have a couple of decent mids and Zeibell is A-grade every day of the week.