Season 2017 - North Melbourne


Surely not serious?


I once worked with a guy who would regularly lock his office door and draw the blinds. What was going on in there doesn’t bear thinking about.


Should fold the joint as soon as the TV deal finishes.


Ziebell is a glorified Melksham.


I reckon he is a great player. Tough hard inside mid with good skills and can kick a goal. What’s the issue with him?


Yeah, I was being a bit flippant. Sorry, been a long day, and lost in translation…

Apart from his tendency to put himself in too much danger and get injured, I’d definitely have in our midfield rotation any day. He’s one of North’s few pure footballers.


That’s exactly how I see him. Can be stupid at times putting homework in danger for very very little gain, but other than that I reckon he is great


Why would you relocate North to Tasmania. Tassie has no money or inclination to support a full time AFL team. You are lazy like the media you criticise.


Ziebell is a high quality B grade midfielder. Never had enough endurance combined with kicking blindly from packs to be an A grader.


I don’t think he’s that good.
I’d take Cunnington first every day. You know what you’re getting with Cunnington, plus he’s not a filthy sniper


Last part is correct, but I would take him over cunnington. Both good in midfield but Zeibell can go forward, dangerous as a resting mid


Cunnington is a class above Ziebell. Underrated by the general footy population.


They’re both at North, no-one gives a ■■■■.


Bob assesses the NMFC and…



Tassie did have the inclination, hence their support for both Hawks and North down there. The problem with any Tassie team is where to put them. If they go down to Hobart then the north of the state won’t bother supporting them. If you place then in Launceston then Hobart won’t support them (where more of the money is).

The money situation wouldn’t be any worse than the AFL currently has with the Suns, GWS, Sydney, Saints and Bulldogs.


There will be some bog average players earning decent coin at North Melbourne in 2018 just to ensure they meet the salary cap minimum.


Your first paragraph supports my contention about no inclination. You need to be United to have a team in Tassie. It took Tassie 100 years to have a statewide competition. Enough said. And there is limited corporate money to support a team. There are reasons why a Tassie team in the ALF has never happened.


Bet you and your workmates did think about it though.


Should have moved to the gold coast when offered.


What, actually doing some work?!!!