Season 2017 - North Melbourne


Everyones favourite, Lindsay Thomas has ducked out of the club. Undoubtedly offered a contract from Port Adelaide


Yet they dumped on on the Gold Coast where NO SINGLE team has EVER worked. The amount the AFL has and will continue to spend making that club work will be astronomical. They are having enough trouble keeping Brisbane going as it is.

Tassie would have cost a lot less. I agree they weren’t going to put one down there but it is less about money or support than you think.


Of course it’s about support, Tassie has 500k TV viewers, QLD 1.8M. And QLD has a much higher growth rate too I believe.


Swallow retired now too with a year to run on contract.

Don’t think he can enter ND or rookie drafts, but can PSD.

If GC actually had any interest wonder why NM didn’t just delist him so could go as F/A like Thomas to Port.

Wowee did North ballsup their list rebuild efforts in terms of older players transitioning out and gaining any currency from them at all.



They are going to be Fitzroy bad, next year. Well, maybe not Fitzroy bad, but I can’t see them winning a lot of games. Mind you, they’ll probably roll us in one of our regular clusterfucks.


Yup, the game against them will be like the Brisbane game this year. Can see it a mile off.


Get your eyes tested. l saw Norf three times this year, and they were something less than impressive, we will roll them convincingly.


This is what I said this morning, before we even knew about Swallow.

They are getting more and more pathetic. It’s likely Swallow didn’t want to play on knowing what was coming at the end of next season. Plus watching your mates get delisted after having good seasons.

As if you would be willing to go through all that pain and effort for 1 season after what the club has done to its legends.


Aren’t you supposed to get picks in for established players when rebuilding?


Swallow retired because he was going to be playing VFL level and he’S limited in that he cannot play anywhere but midfield.
That’s pretty much where his best footy is at the moment.
North have to prioritise midfield time to their younger players.


I still reckon he’ll end up Gold Coast. He’d be handy for them because they need inside mids


I don’t think he can end up at GC after he’s retired.
Only way he plays next season is if he was traded or if he was delisted.
I think they closed that loophole when we took Mal Michael.


ESSENDON: Ruining sh*t for other clubs since 2006


As convincingly as we did this year, right? It was a clusterfark in every way bar getting 4 points. A complete pointer to how we were likely to go in finals…


Did you see the game we played against them? We had a far stronger team, they nearly rolled us. I’m just saying that there is a fair chance we will Essington up a game next year and this one is a good candidate for it!


Borderline imo. Would love to see how he goes with another big forward thats fully fit.

E.g Buddy + Roughy combo


Essendon two years ago would’ve been all over Swallow






He kicked 63 goals last year. If he is not an “a-grade” young player, who is?