Season 2017 - Port Adelaide


PORT Adelaide coach Ken Hinkley wasted no time letting new recruit Jack Trengove know exactly where he stands at the Power.
In the first conversation between the pair, Hinkley told the former Melbourne captain that he was “probably not” in the Power’s best 22.


Is that meant to be a revelation to Trengove? He’s not even in Melbourne’s best 22.


Got delisted by Melbourne, barely played last 3 seasons. I would be worried that he actually said “probably not”


Dodn’t understand why Port got him wouldn’t be surprised if he gets delisted at the end of 2018.


Very good head on him and with the mass exodus from their SANFL side I’d say he will be offered a leadership role with them


I’d bet against.
I reckon they rely on one player more than any team except the Cats.


Perhaps. But if that’s what you think, then you’re betting on Martin having a substantial absence?
It a possibility, of course. But betting on it?


No, but coaches will pay him and them a lot more attention. To win a flag, you have to get to fjnals and win three or four of them - to have sustained success is much much much harder, you need deep talent, multiple ways of getting it done. I don’t think Richmond have that.


Agreed. Despite the evidence from 2017, I think the Bulldogs are more likely to bounce back and be a force than Richmond.
Although I certainly wouldn’t be throwing any hard earned on the Bulldogs


Having just watched us dismantle them on replay, I honestly don’t get the hullabaloo about them in 2018. Rockliff is a solid citizen granted, but the other recruits are flaky at best IMO.

Motlop is good on his day but his day is one in 5-6.

Watts has never been noted for his consistency as evidenced by his poor showing in the last 8 Melbourne B & F awards.

Trengove has hardly played in 3 years and was used as depth at Melbourne.

Lindsay Thomas, well, say no more.

I actually think they will miss Trengove who went to the Dogs. Although they wanted to put time into Marshall late in the season, Trengove was still a solid player for them for much of the season.

They bashed up on the weaker teams & struggled against the heat the quality teams put them under and I don’t see that changing in 2018.

Boak looks slow to me. Was he hurt last year? He’s 30 next year so unlikely to get better.

Robbie Gray is a gun but how’s he going to come back from his latest scare? Hope he regains his health quickly but who knows how that will impact his pre season from a footy sense.

Their fixture will be more difficult than last year too. I’m just not sold on them being in the window like so many others think.


I agree with most of that, but why would their fixture be harder? They finished 7th after finals so they’ll be in the middle six just like they were.
Admittedly I haven’t looked at their actually draw.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they miss the 8 completely. I’d be very surprised if they jump up to top 4


Last year they had double up games against Gold Coast, Brisbane, Collingwood, West Coast & Adelaide. They got massive percentage from 5 of those games not to mention the level of difficulty recording a win virtually gave them a shot at top 4 IMO.

This year they’ll double up against West Coast, Adelaide, Essendon, Bulldogs & Freo. I don’t think there’s any gifts there depending on how Freo front up.

In 2017, Gold Coast & Brisbane games were virtual gifts then the way Collingwood unraveled furthered their cause. They also lucked out copping Sydney in round one when the swans were without many of their star players and starting the season 0-6.

All that’s being said about Port is positive, citing their recruiting & close finals loss but I just don’t see it that way. I don’t think they’ve addressed what the better teams exposed them for and IMO their fixture is more difficult in 2018. I just don’t see them as being as close as many makes out.


Thanks for that. That’s definitely a harder run for them in 2018. Although I expect West Coast to make a big dive down the ladder. Even if that happens, it’s still a much harder draw.
I agree on them not addressing their weaknesses. I’m also fascinated to see how Rockliff fits in and whether he has a negative affect on the playing group. He certainly did at Brisbane (from inside sources) and I expect the Lions won’t miss him in any way.