Season 2017 - Port Adelaide


Robbie Gray may miss some of season with his cancer recovery

Thomas whilst being a rookie can be played automatically without upgrade in senior team after rules changed for 2018

A chance Thomas may establish himself in a team pushing for a flag.

I’m sure something has been worked out $$ wise in terms of north paying some of his contract so he wouldn’t just be on rookie salary either.


Christ, from a pure football perspective, Robbie Grey is an absolute joy to watch play. the idea that Lindsey Thomas could do what he does is baffling. f#ck cancer


Thomas would be hoping to extend his career. The rumour was he had been told opportunity would be limited moving forward.


Agree. Cancer sucks and l hope Robbie Gray is able to kick it, by making a full recovery. The game will be poorer without him playing.


Port just signed Jack Trengove


They are signing some truly average players.


They are not at the crazy vossy stage, but the are closing in on insane bucks stage


You have to remember that it’s the bottom few players on the list we are talking about here. McKenzie, Trengove and Thomas are no superstars but collectively they are better than J Merrett, Long and Redman.

I still like our list over theirs however you have to evaluate what they are doing with some perspective.


Ken Hinkley is doing a Sheedy when he picked duds like Zantuck,Murphy lol Port.


He didn’t kick an afl goal between round 2 and round 23, and hasn’t put in a full blooded chase since 2009: I doubt he’ll get a better offer.


farkport and everything about them.


not by much, if at all better.


preach it brother!


Can you say 'yeah!"


Have you seeen the light?




He must be playing for park footy money.


Watch the media and supporters turn on them this year if they miss finals


Port Adelaide is the weakest and worst team in the competition. Discuss.

(In an overall general sense of hatred, none of this reality specific upon certain players or etc…)


Seriously though, if they are picking up Trengove, why not Crameri? Get all of them! Yet they get rid of Gus?!