Season 2017 - Richmond


Best scenario isGWS win flag, then there will be a exodus


Surely Richmond would have some pretty poor premiership players in their side if they went all the way


Best result for me.

Richmond to lose and then GWS to flog the crows in the Grand Final.

I can’t stand the SA sides. I can’t stand Richmond more though.

GWS are irrelevant in AFL circles - except for raiding their talent so I’d be happy to see them win the flag.


Matt de boer is worse than anyone Richmond have IMO. GWS depth has really been tested this year.

Richmond have improved 200% what they’ve gotten (particularly defensively) from their bottom 6 this year - slow potatoes out (Miles, Sam Lloyd, Taylor Hunt, Conca) - quick, hard working, slightly less potatoey guys in (Rioli, Lambert, Castagna et al)

I think Richmond win this. GWS are just going. Crows by 104739 in the grannie.


Oh well, some good things have come from it


Well done Dimma.


Still ■■■■


I admire anyone willing to put their balls on the line in a season preview thread.

Did anyone see this year coming?


Yep. Hardwick did.


I’d like to point out I was heavily medicated when I posted this.


I haven’t seen a minute of today’s game, so still can’t believe they won.

Richmond are premiers? ■■■■ me :flushed:


Goes to show it’s not about having experience or done your time. Just guys playing a role with manic intensity.

No reason why with Langford, Mutch, Redman, Begely and a few off season recruits we can’t do the same.


Lol. might be my stubbornness but still do by rate their list. Outstanding effort


I do not begrudge these ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■ the win one bit. Congrats


They will fall hard next year.
I don’t see them becoming a power house.

Back to 10th to 12th.
But it was worth it for them.


Going back to back is ■■■■■■ hard Tigers will become the hunted just like the Dogs this year.


They’ll struggle to make the finals next year but if you win a flag, who gives a ■■■■? If we win in 2018 I would give a ■■■■ about 2019-2022


I don’t think they’ll struggle. finishes regular season much more comfortably than doggies.

plus apart fom dusty you don’t hear about their players almost dying in a gutter as much as doggies.


I still can’t believe they won a premiership.

No one thought Richmond were even a slight chance at the start of the season.


They might not struggle to make finals, but the difference between a bottom 6 draw this year and a top 6 draw next year could easily see them scrapping for 6th/7th instead of top 4. Or they could go 20-2, who the ■■■■ knows anything about football any more.