Season 2017 - Richmond


Them’s are good’ns


Why the hell would you call that bullshit?




It’s the best photo of a premiership medal ever.


If I heard victim-blaming from someone, who heard it from someone at the club, I’d be very skeptical.


Sooo, … a pair of Boobs on the internet is somehow new, & irresistible to chase down for a gawk?






I’m glad I saved it because it’s hard to find lol


I told why.


Delete it.


Well there you go then. SWSNBN has come out swinging.

If it is true that a Richmond premiership player passed on to friends and teammates personal photographs of a semi-naked woman, then the Tigers cannot defend him. And the AFL, if required, must overrule the club and suspend him.

As damaging as this story could become for the club and as uncomfortable as it is for the image-conscious AFL, then just imagine how the young woman in question must feel. If what she has alleged took place - and certainly anyone who wants to has seen the photograph - then she has been violated and humiliated.

And you can only imagine what her parents must be going through. It was the family who took this sordid allegation to the club in a complaint that has finished up in the hands of police and again exposed the AFL’s clumsy efforts to rewrite its respect and responsibility policy.

It seems frankly outrageous that anyone at Richmond could play down the allegations on the basis that the woman’s face is not shown in the photograph with the premiership medal. If her accusations are confirmed then the AFL must take a stand on what amounts to "sexting’’, a form of horrible social media abuse and violation and a practice that has become all too regular.

If her version is correct then I withdraw my other comments.


Media are a bunch of jerks. By running this story there are now tens of thousands more people who looked at this girl’s cans against her wishes than if it simply got passed around a small social group.


god, you can just tell a SWWNBN article from the bitter vicious title. that woman is a joyless prude.


You think there was a positive fun angle she could’ve put on this?


lel. imagine.

"girls should be more liberal with nude images of themselves. #freethenipple "

"the richmond football club should be applauded for it;s stance in liberating the womenz of this country, said afl chief, and deputy editor of the age, gillon mclauchlan "


“How great are T*tties?” by Caro


She could embrace it like Helen D’amico
would probably get a modelling contract or something out of it.

But yeh Media publically shaming richmond footy club just creates more interest in pic and further spreads it IMO.


You know what would also gather interest? The idiot being put in jail for two years.


That won’t happen.