Season 2017 - Richmond


If they lose their first final they will end up interstate in the prelim


If they win against Geelong - yes.

If not then they’d have to win a prelim interstate to make the GF.

Edit: beaten to it by efc1robbo


Especially in the season preview


Still havent gotten over my experience sitting surrounded by the Richmond members at the 1995 semi final. Fark them all. Out in straight sets please


My preview was a million miles off


TBF - most were.


RFC fined again by ASADA


Essendon to blame.


Just listened to a recent D Hardwick presser. Loves his management speak crapola.


Really hoping that these flogs get royally pumped tonight.


Are people in here still in denial, thinking Richmond are no good? They’re as good-a-chance as any to win it IMO,and like 2010, being overseas when it happens will be the greatest decision of my life.


They’re very good, emphatically pantsed an ordinary looking two man team in the end. Reckon they’re the third best team in the comp but as a match up don’t think they quite have what it takes to beat (potentially) one of Sydney or especially Adelaide.

Should we come up against them, I’m not sure we’d match up well.


In the Grand Final !

Tell ya what…I’ll risk it.
Let’s see how we go.


Other half of the draw…didn’t think of that!


Any other team in the 8 would have beaten Geelong soundly last night.


Tigers perfomance last night will be doubly sweeter when Deledio kicks the winning goal after the siren in the Prelim


Think that is a little harsh. No other team in the comp could have put the cats under that Level of pressure. Cats crumbled under the pressure as much as they failed to perform.


It’s a tricky one.
It was the poor skills that Geelong showed when they weren’t under pressure that screwed them.
But implied pressure is difficult to define.

I don’t think it’s reasonably deniable that Geelong cracked.
Richmond just didn’t stop and the breaking point occurred.

Geelong also really really really, really, really overrate Taylor as a key forward.
That didn’t help.
Drinking their own bathwater there.


I think the problem is that Hawkins isn’t working as a forward anymore so they have him playing up the ground. They have no one else, especially after they dropped Menzel.


I thought Hawkins was outstanding.

And has been all year. Career best form, in fact.