Season 2017 - Sydney


It does make you wonder. It seems strange for a guy with so much passion and fight he seems to have stopped trying.


It’s hard to tell although when it reached ‘media peak’ against Geelong in Geelong last year, he played a ‘3-vote’ blinder. Very strange to see a player of that quality fall away that quickly.


How old is he? 30? 31?

Often happens suddenly. Scott Lucas copped a minor knee but fell off the cliff.


29 I believe.


Usually, it happens the other way around.


G Rohan given the all clear. No spinal or structural damage. Thank the farkness.


Im not convinced they will make the finals.

I ran the ladder predictor and i get them at 9th, they have some tough games, geelong at skilled, Crow at AO, Hawks at the G,

They have to win 1 of those atleast to make the 8 (most) if they lose all 3 they dont make it.

So its 50/50 they will have to win atleast one of those.


They’ll win all those games.


And then hopefully get dicked again in the GF.
Fark Sydney, if it wasn’t for the AFL propping them up they would of folded years ago


They’ll beat Cats down at SS.

But yes, looking back on it, was good seeing them getting ■■■■■■ by the umpires on GF day


No Xmas cards for you two.


FFS! Come off it Ace, … that’s just not right …

Would “have” folded.

Have , not of. :laughing:

(In B4 Noonan…)


You dorks don’t seem to understand that without Sydney, and a few years later, West Coast and Brisbane, the VFL would ‘have’ folded.


Sydney has been propped up for far too long now. Even now they still get draft concessions with this bullshit academy player crap.


The AFL wouldn’t exist without Sydney. Or Port, or GWS or Brisbane or Fremantle or GC or West Coast or Adelaide. Essendon exists in it’s current form because of all those other teams. In order to generate the required revenue to keep clubs like Essendon in the condition that it prefers, the competition had to be nationalised. The ongoing success of the competition depends on the health of the clubs in non-traditional areas. The challenge for the AFL is to get the balance right. But for an example of AFL largess closer to (your) home, see St Kilda. According to the Collingwood president, they have received over $20m in additional funds from the AFL in recent times in order to keep operating. And before you go mental about that, remember that the competition needs St Kilda for the same reasons metioned above. There seems to be a fondness for the good ol’ days when nothing existed outside Melbourne apart from Geelong but if your attitude was to prevail, nothing would exist at all.


Deleted. Don’t have the energy.


Didn’t say anything about funding, but using the saints as an example can you let me know what draft concessions the saints got? And how much was the COLA for the past 10 years? Oh and before you go on, we never said we didn’t need port, west coast etc. It’s one thing to offer funding to help develop local talent, build better facilities, but what is the need to give them extra cap space to use to poach players, to give them access to actual AFL areas of local talent, not NRL strongholds.


We’ve had our ups and downs, but surely I’m getting one?


Don’t recall Port or West Coast getting the concessions that the Swans got. COLA rorting Fark wits


In my opinion, the two WA and SA pairs have an advantage in that when players want to return home from the eastern states clubs, there are only two clubs in contention, whereas kids returning to Victoria have ten clubs clamouring for them.

Also, (don’t know if this has happened often) they can hide promising kids away in the bush, out the back of beyond, like they did with Dean Cox, before rookie-ing him. Bit harder to do in Victoria. Not too many Vic scouts in the outback.