Season 2018 - Adelaide


Will be interesting to see if McLure got his timeline right


If any of their mids are unhappy, get in contact and BRING THEM IN


Crouch could be on his way!


Shiel, gaff and Crouch. Momentum


If we got them three we need to be trading good players out too.


You are taking me far too seriously


wtf actually happened on this camp, so much butthurt lingering from it.


still sounds like a bit of a beat up if you ask me.

Only real piece of solid information that has raised my eyebrow is the use of the indigenous artefact in it, I think thats a bit off limits.

The fact pyke and tex decided to reengage them, well thats up to them… if the other players didnt seem to have an issue with it, and the indigenous players were assured that nothing untoward would happen again, then why would they need the players approval to reengage them?

The rest is just scuttlebutt and innuendo ‘oh they played bad after seeing them again’ etc etc etc is just your classic speculation.

Like i said, I reckon its only 5% as big an issue as what the media has made it out to be.


Maybe the camp was held at a Catholic seminary.


Whole article sounds like garbage to me.
I have no doubt there were issues with that stuff, I just don’t believe the writer has any idea of what they were or if anything stated in the article is…you know…true.


it’s a bit like, “hey guys they won some games, then look here, they lost some … then they won some more!”


All those psychological types just sound like scientologists or religious types to me. 13 years at Catholic school has made me distrust brainwashing.


The person from within the club who is the whilstle blower still hasn’t finished yet. More still to come out IMO


Certainly will work to the favour of those looking to trade themselves out of club


You might want to tell them to find a more credible mouthpiece.
Or at least someone who doesn’t sound like they write for New Idea.


I agree there. The article was really poor. With players/coaches being moved on or moving on I wonder how long before more of the truth gets out?


Ben Jarman was delisted today. So many news articles speculating about who had claim to him for father son selection and talking him up like he was a elite gun player in the future.


Mainly Vic media. Most people in SA media knew he was bog average and would be playing country footy if for not being a Jarman. Plenty of Crows supporters were annoyed they got him as it was clearly evident that he was not much chop.
They had higher hopes for Edwards as he was a promising junior but just hasn’t progressed


Crows have officially declared McGovern wants out


Have to laugh at how he is being referred to as a ‘star fwd’.

He was basically Crows 5th best fwd and has hasn’t exactly set world on fire over past 2yrs.