Season 2018 - Adelaide


Has anyone checked on Tex?


Im sure when they put their collective minds together,they’ll figure it out.


Psychologically experimental environment

“Unqualified pseudo psychologists”


Very sad news for Rory Sloane - he and his partner were expecting their first child. Who was a still born. Which I guess is the reason he withdrew from the Adelaide game. Terrible. Thoughts are with him and his family.


Just heartbreaking.


Heartbreaking. Thoughts and prayers.


13 years at Catholic schools has made me an atheist. I am not the only one.


The world is just a ■■■■ of a place sometimes.
Heartbreaking is the word.


No, you’re not. I can name a few similar on Blitz.


That’s just fcking horrible news.


What a glorious start to the day. AFL set to investigate the Crows, Tex going out on the ■■■■ and the club just imploding in general


Investigate on?


The camp. Players starting to turn on the club. I said last week more could be revealed


Tex falling from grace faster than you can get an au-pair into bed…

Now he has hit the booze and punished by the club. Joined that teflon coated group of captains like Joel Selwood and Luke Hodge who have breached team standards and been reprimanded.


One of Tex’s possible punishments apparently being “more player appearances”. Now I never thought it was the best part of being an AFL star but now I’m going to feel guilty everytime I ask for a selfie or autograph. I had no idea those meet and greets are punishments.


I’ve tuned in to 5aa via the app and it’s 24 carat rolled gold. Mark Williams was very scathing and said some of the things on the camp were absolutely apalling and said that if he was Sam Jacobs he would have clobbered someone with a chair and walked out on the club immediately. Sounds like several players have now gone to the AFL to air their grievances


On BF’s Adelaide board they are saying this was part of the camp:

Seriously weird!! And Mark Williams apparently said players were tied to a tree naked.


It’s obviously all rumour at this stage but if any of the rumours that have come out are proven true, it would be a pretty open-and-shut case in front of the Fair Work Commision.


Not sure how they are going to play hardball on outgoing players then. Could be similar to ours trying to leave club & having to just cop it.

I think you mentioned they pressed McGovern on his father and being a supposed bad parent


I posted on here awhile back that Jacobs was subjected to constant mentioning of his recently deceased brother to the point it broke him. When a players partner approached the club she was told her partner needed to basically HTFU. Staff have been gagged and it’s only now it’s all starting to come out. Assistant coach Josh Francou was apparently so upset at his gag order that he has quit the job 1 year into a 3 year contract