Season 2018 - Adelaide


If it’s true that Jacobs was interrogated about his deceased brother, I’m so glad that Francis wasn’t traded there. Imagine the damage that could have been done to him on the camp!


■■■■■■ hell, I hadn’t even thought of this. That would have been disasterous.


He would have been lost to football forever if that happened.


In my long working life, employers (usually very large multinationals) have run team-building and team-bonding “camps”. One I did back in the 1980’s was just downright dangerous physically and very dangerous emotionally. We nearly lost a guy to drowning in a water based exercise, where we were rafting across a wide expanse on crafts the “team” built. We did lose a young lady who quit, after an “embarassment” session and she was never seen again at work. The irony was that this Company had always had as number 1 on your yearly objectives “safety”. Most of us just went along with all the stuff thrown at us, but I am sure some never really recovered.

This crowd the Crows used need to be investigated by WorkSafe or someone like them, as these practices are not safe. I thought this type of BS was gone for “training”, but obviously not.

When I was in recruitment, the industry used and still probably does psychological assessments which can be just a questionairre or an interview with a consultant. I had expected these consultants to be trained psychologists but more often than not they had no qualifications. Again a potentially dangerous practice.


Maybe they should have just looked at introducing a more contested style of football. They’ve been front runners for while. Last year they were just very good front runners and there weren’t a lot of teams around good to expose them for it.


Eddie Betts, just wow


It’s a fake


Really? Dammit, it looked so good.


Agree. I played it again and the lightning struck the same.


That’s the first time it has ever happened according to folklore.


Adelaide have been cleared by the AFL over the preseason camp.

Huge surprise that…

If that was a typical workplace boot camp then people would be getting fired considering how many complaints have come from it.