Season 2018 - Adelaide


Ideally we hit Adelaide while they are weak, take the win. Then Adelaide becomes strong and beats all other contenders. It’s 4 points that other teams in the 8 won’t easily get.


or Alternatively we beat Adelaide early, they lose confidence and lose a few early games, get more wins later in the year but miss top 2 due to poor start.


Even better. They beat all the top teams and lose against Brisbane, GC, Carlton ect…

Could name this underperforming team Adelaze.

Don’t know where I got the inspiration for this from…


Perhaps l am alone in my thinking here, but l don’t rate Gibbs that highly. l never have.


Well, he’s more than a woman.


He was an under performer for years until coaches actually put him into centre bounces more often, much like Zaka.

Gibbs has been really good for the last few years and all whilst playing in a bottom side with not much help, and Cripps out injured half of 2017.

On stats & effectiveness he was a top20 mid in competition (sitting near Beams, Selwood etc) , and played all 22 games so is also durable.

I reckon he will elevate again at Crows given the quality of that side in terms of their ability to win footy, hit targets, transition well etc.

Certainly should be much happier himself playing in a winning side and back home with family.

He has weakened fark Carlton by leaving so good on him!


Does the improved performance over the last couple of years, cover for his # 1 draft pick status? l don’t believe it does, he is a fair way off being anywhere near what you would want for a # 1.


It’s hard to really gauge since Blues so bad for so long.

IMO he’s a super consistent performer now. Crows whilst there is an element of overs to it and were some picks back didn’t give up two first rounders for him without good reason.

He should go very well in that midfield. Here’s hoping Sloane leaves at end of year though however.


Gibbs is a very, very good player. Would be one of our best half a dozen or so players if he came to us.


Gibbs is a absolute gun.


Agreed. The general perception of him on this forum really seems to be distorted by anti-blue coloured glasses


Gibbs is like the baseline player you expect from a pick 1. you’d give it a tick if you drafted like that.


Carlton would have been better to trade marc murphy instead. Maybe they asked him, but he backed out of it.


Maybe no one else wanted him.


Hirdy mentioned we had a go at Murphy but he is loyal to the Blues


Walker furious with Crows pre-season camp leak
By Sam McClure27 March 2018 — 7:47pm

Player divisions have emerged at the Adelaide Football Club, after captain Taylor Walker sent an angry group text message to his teammates on Monday night, demanding to know who leaked information about the pre-season camp.
Fairfax Media understands that several players, including one senior star, are reconsidering their future at the club after being left distraught by the Crows’ pre-season training camp.

While many players had no issue with what took place on the Gold Coast in late January, the camp and subsequent events have left some players questioning the club’s culture.
Walker’s reaction follows what Fairfax Media understands to be a group pact made by Adelaide players that the pre-season camp would not be discussed outside the club’s four walls.
The camp, which began on the Gold Coast in late January, focussed on the training of the mind and saw some players put through emotionally exhausting exercises and scenarios.

Players were ordered to hand in their mobile phones at the beginning of the camp and were told they were not allowed to have contact with family members for the duration.
Although no official complaints have been lodged, the camp has raised the ire of the AFL Players Association, who on Tuesday were attempting to get in contact with as many Adelaide footballers as possible.
“I’m led to believe theirs was quite unique,” former Richmond coach Danny Frawley said on AFL Nation.
“They went to a place in the Gold Coast and they thought they were going there. They had their shorts and they were in a bus and were basically blindfolded for about 24 hours in a bus.

“They were blindfolded and a guy was talking to them. They had food and didn’t know where they were going.
“It was more about the mind than physical … it was in the middle of Australia where they ended up.”
Crows captain Taylor Walker refuted reports that there was anything untoward about the camp and went on to endorse it.
“That camp was one of the most beneficial and rewarding I have been on and advise any of my best mates or family members to do the same thing,” Walker told Triple M.
“Our football club like most other teams is exploring getting an edge in the AFL and that is in the mental space.

“We have been doing that for a couple of years whether that is mindfulness or meditation. Yes there were elements of the camp we delved into on the mental side but we think it is an element we can get an edge over other teams in the competition.”
Collective Minds, the group that ran the camp, referred Fairfax Media to the Adelaide Football Club when contacted for comment.


newsflash, Danny Frawley uses the phrase “quite unique” and Bomberblitz pedants let it slide.


In other news, my 15 year old kids go to Africa for a month without mobile phones or contact with family.


ace is sam macclure???


which cult are they joining?