Season 2018 - Adelaide


That’s Scoop to you thanks!


I dunno but it seems to involve loud music and a lack of regard for authority. I’m a very proud parent.


I wouldn’t criticise Frawley if he put his shoes on the wrong feet.
I mean, he still got his shoes on.


These training camps are going to end in tears for clubs - With the increased monitoring and concerns over mental health, I can see a day in the not to distant future when a player will sue a club - Footy clubs need to lift their game.


I agree. If they have roled out a program like this without taking account of the individual needs and personalities of the players then they may have opened themselves up to liability and deserve everything they get.


Something’s been NQR about Adelaide for awhile with players leaving but I never imagined it would be because their bogan captain is a cult leader.


Clubs ■■■■■■


Surely Sloane leaves now?! Shame we don’t have the $$$$ to lure him.


Dyson and a 3rd round pick


A cult you say? Surprised someone hasn’t tried to blame Hirdy…


Adelaide engaged a nutter to run a weird camp, and it actually sounds scary. That Richmond song thing and hours blindfolded is torturous.

Amon Woulfe at this collective minds mob is not a psychologist. Did Adelaide do their due diligence before engaging him?

This mob has no proof that their program results in improved sport team performance.

Adelaide have actually been running a psychologically experimental environment.

Everyone knows the importance of mental health, and what they’ve done isn’t as bad as what we did, but it sounds seriously crook and I wonder what the AFL might do.


Was also “off-site”


Black ops? The AFaiL should look into it.


Rory laird. Smoky for the brownlow.


I don’t know, does he really influence the game?


Sets up heaps of their attack.
Coaches should have worked him out by now though


I think the clamps will come sooner rather than later and without Smith there to compensate it could hurt them. We’ll see


Eight players with hamstring injuries this year, whats going on?




More than that. They have kept a couple quite