Season 2018 - Adelaide


But but but I’ve been told all day that Essendon are the worst and the most secretive!!!

Next you’ll be telling me other clubs were on “the better stuff”!!!


They ran a ‘hamstring strengthing routine’ in pre-season, which looks to have backfired.


Couldn’t get into their jeans


Riley Knight now confirmed as another hammy after the Crows initially proclaiming he was being managed


Someone done goofed up.


how many string ping adelaide


Watch the supplements guys, they don’t work the way you expect.


maybe this was the string rumour special agent johnny utah was talking about.


Saw thread was bumped and was expecting riolio to be all “Doing well since Smack was delisted”


McGovern set to miss 8 weeks with an ankle injury sustained in the collision with Richard Douglas that lost the game for them.

Brad Crouch out for the season now and speaking to someone who knows him quite well he is filthy at the Crows medical staff


Is he the contested one of the tackling one?


Sounds like we need one of each of those.


Any hope Brad likes spongy floors?


There was talk we had a crack at him last year or whenever it was but he chose to stay over here


Matt Crouch a hammy now aswell.


someone’s getting sacked.


They saying this one tightness post the showdown and don’t want to risk off 6 day break and also given he had hammy already

He better be back next week, only just got him into my SC side!


Seems my mail was correct as Brad Crouch has now been booked in for groin surgery. To say he is filthy at the club is a understatement


Possibly poorly managed like JD?


Apparently he sought his own medical advice early in the season was advised that he needed surgery straight away and that he could get back in 6-8 weeks. Burton and the Crows medical staff in consultation with surgeons opposed that and believed that with adequate rest and recovery he could make it back it 5-6 weeks without having surgery. Finally they have agreed he needs surgery so will now miss another 2-3 months