Season 2018 - Adelaide


Is he the massive contested brother? Warchest that ■■■■.


“Before I decide to come to essendon, tell me do you rest players before eventually booking them in for surgery anyway?”


Nup. We play em until they snap


3 out 4 from leadership group injured. M.Crouch the new captain.


Yes…we believe it’s very important to have a good night’s sleep before undergoing surgery


How much for the Crouch Brothers?


Crows have purchased the Adelaide Bite :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Disappointing as a long time member as I will not be renewing again now and need to find another team to support


The who?


Follow the Melbourne Aces. Nobody wants to buy them !


Our baseball side over here.
The Crows are also keen on purchasing the 36ers aswell now


How dare their board focus on other revenue streams when their team is performing so poorly on the field?
Sack the board!


Could anyone tell me what position Rory Laird played as a junior?

For someone as small as he is he can really play.


All his rep footy was as a defender.
Probably played midfield at his local club though.



One of the best rookie listed players for some time.


Dunno why, I believe the ABL runs at a loss


Another racist slur at Bettes, this time on Facebook. Keep calling them out


Really pathetic by whoever that idiot was. And then they tried to claim they weren’t being racist.


@aceman what’s happening at the crows? Player walk out? Poop said it was McCovern but his manager has come out and refuted that but didnt water down any of the crap about it.


Not sure about a walk out but from what I’ve heard there is definitely some dramas internally. McGovern is and was mightily ■■■■■■ according to my source and I posted earlier In the season that the pre season camp had caused friction between some players


Wheels are off
and Crows cost me tipping this week.