Season 2018 - Adelaide


It’s looking like the Gibbs trade will turn out a disaster?

Lever and Cameron left, and it looks like it was enough to start closing their premiership window.

But then they didn’t give up. They traded two first round picks for a player, Gibbs, for one last surge, but it looks like it isn’t going to be enough to reopen the window. And worst of all, it has annoyed his team mate(s?) and made them want to leave.

The trend downwards is building…


Also Brad Crouch apparently ropeable at club over how they assessed/treated his injury and its looking like season ending now


Hard to be sure…on one hand lots of players want to get out of Adelaide…on the other hand you have Gibbs wanting to come, makes sense to bring him Home.

Crows woes stem from - Crouches, Sloane, Tex etc being injured.

Lever was going couldnt stop him. made mind up same as Gunstan.
Plus DoeDee has been pretty good as a replacement.
Might be a good year to tank from now and get a couple good SA kids in.
If Crows didnt bring Gibbs in then they would be closer to the bottom four now, given all their injuries.


Gibbs has been outstanding, and Lever was leaving anyway.


Adelaide will have three picks inside top 20 in the upcoming draft.

I reckon all three picks will be from SA.


They will be looking to trade up too


We should assist them then.


Worked for Eddie McGuire


Very productive lunch today. Aswell as the Aaron Hall info I was also told that Eddie Betts is very close to hanging up the boots at season end thanks to the pre season fiasco. He is keen to get into a football role in any capacity and is looking at moving to Melbourne. He would make a pretty good mentor or even in some coaching capacity


Hopefully they find a replacement this off season or have one on the books already.
Don’t want them coming near Fanta.

Any updates on how happy Fanta is in Melbourne?


How quickly a premiership window can open and shut in literally the space of a season!

They can keep their grubby hands off Fanta




Geez we’ve had a mare of a season but they have only won one more game than us.


And played one more game than us too. Although given our game in hand is against WC in Perth that probably doesn’t mean much.


Arrogance and injuries


Eddie to miss 4-6 with his second hammy of the season


Get him for one year then into a coaching role

Do it


has eddie shown any propensity for coaching?

no offence to him but he doesnt seem like the sharpest tool in the shed.


Still has 1 year to run on pretty good coin. If he decides to leave Adelaide I’d imagine he will hang up the boots


My understanding is he is very keen to get into a coaching or mentor role when he finishes. By all reports he is brilliant with not only the indigenous lads at Adelaide but all the youngsters coming through and is only too keen to pass on his knowledge and spend time with them.