Season 2018 - Adelaide


fair enough then


Crows apparently having a presser today @ 3.30

Pyke and Burton speaking

Fat Eddie eluding its related to the preseason camp and indigenous players being put offside amongst other things

@Aceman has said all is not well down there & Burton being one part of it.


Yeah that was interesting


Richmond broke Adelaide. Far out.



These mind control cults are a curse.


Yep, if even 10% of the stuff I’ve heard is true then it’s pretty ordinary IMO


They used an Indigenous artefact as part of the teaching.


Richmond players can’t speak highly enough of their mindfulness training. Obviously very different methods however.


At the risk of being completely over the top, hyperbolic and ridiculous, i’ve decided to fix this quote for you.


Mindfulness has nothing to do with the Adelaide camp.


Was that worth a press conference?


This is the club that thought standing apart during finals would intimidate opponents.


Yeah that “crow stare” thing was totally cringey. Not even slightly intimidating.


How capacious are his wings?


Richmond use the guys from the Resilience Project. They have an AFL background I think. Have done a couple of their sessions. They are quality.


When the National Anthem concluded, the Richmond players dispersed leaving the Adelaide players looking forward into nothing whilst holding that ridiculous pose, I almost wanted Richmond to win.

I said ALMOST…


didn’t notice that at the time, is pretty funny, farking wnkers


HAHA HAHA that’s gold.

tex is like “HOLD, HOLD, HOLD. yep ,they real scream now boizzz”


And Dimma is lit trying to hold a straight face.

I recall the commentators saying they took their inspiration from the Haka. It looked stupid and that’s about it.