Season 2018 - Adelaide


Wow that’s amazing. What a bunch of morons.

I guess this demonstrates why/how the sorry saga happens without someone saying “um let’s stop and think about this you guys…” it seems no idea is too stupid not to fly inside a footy club.


the danger of self-reporting has not reached Adelaide


Bizarre press conference especially as Lynch has just re-signed. Would have thought they would mention it atleast


Such as???


I’m not going to go into some things but things like confiscating phones and denying Eddie contact with his heavily pregnant wife for lengthy periods was one thing


SEN has been saying that for a few weeks now about Eddie’s wife.
Did I hear another one where they blindfolded them on a bus and carried out a terrorist situation or something like that?
Some real weird methods there.


Next pre season they are going to be forced to read lord of the flies while listening to the Richmond club song




why didn’t they just go to an escape room?


were doing that as a work function next week, are they any good?


Never been myself but you’re only in it for like an hour.


Yeah they are pretty fun.its more about teamwork


Particularly considering just how badly Richmond embarrassed them at the contest.


And the injuries just keep happening.
Gibson picked up hammy injury at training earlier in the week and have were ruled out and then after being set to be named in this weeks side both Lynch and CEY copped injuries at training. Lynch concussed and Ellis-Yeoman with a quad strain


The 2 Rory’s are handy inclusions though !


2 Rory’s in
1 Rory out


Should I tip Crows or Eagles? Aceman
Eagles have kennedy, Darling, Lecras out.
Crows have Sloane and Laird back.
And its in Adelaide.


This is probably the only game I’m not punting on this weekend as I think it’s the hardest to pick. I think Adelaide just


Adelaide easily.


Yep. How does WC score with their fwd line as it is. They barely did so against us.

Crows bringing back guns. Home crowd. Have to win etc.