Season 2018 - Adelaide





What’s that photo meant to represent?

And has Curtley Hampton been delisted yet?

Waiting for Nino and benfti to suggest we pick him up.


I’d completely forgotten about afl X . They’re going to shove it down our throats again next year aren’t they.


A lot of talkback callers on 5AA are quite emotional re the Sloane signing.

And before you ask, why am I listening to an Adelaide radio station, try listening to Andrew Maher and KB every fkn day on SEN.
Give me Bicks and Rowey any day ?


Emotional because he re-signed and they are happy? 5 years seems a bit much


Yes, happy emotion.
We all know 5 years is way too long though.


Guys- ‘5 year contract’ doesn’t actually mean anything, ok?
They are just words. They want Sloane to stay till the end of his career.
That’s it.


They couldn’t afford another gun to walk.
They know they have paid overs and he is the first Crow in the history of the club to get a 5 year deal but it had to be done


They also didn’t want Tex sulking all summer.


Tex is not doing enough, often enough, not impacting games, even when they win, he will be sulking after Rory Sloane is voted the captain of the Adelaide FC in 2019


It appears the head isn’t as sacrosanct as it once was.

TAYLOR Walker has been offered a one-game suspension for his high bump on Geelong’s Zach Tuohy in Adelaide’s win over the Cats on Thursday night.

Bryce Gibbs has been offered a $2000 fine for rough conduct against Joel Selwood also in the opening term, and will be free to face the Lions. The incident was assessed as careless with low impact to the head.


How’s Riley Knight pushing Selwood when he’s being run off the ground by a physio!?


Three down to two would make more sense , (damn , was assuming an attempt at consistancy). That Christainsan, or whatever his name is one farked up AWFUL guy.


Lawsuit time?
Hampton retiring immediately


Why would he sue?


Psychological finagling done by amateur psychologists


Tex Walker is not much at the moment. Didn’t site him much last night.


IT’S the storyline that has continued to plague Adelaide’s 2018 AFL season and it once again reared its head after the completion of round 23.



No wonder there are players offside with Pyke and Tex for that matter. They get rid of it and then coach brings it back in.