Season 2018 - Carlton


Coach – Brendon Bolton

Points For – 18th
Points Against – 13th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Marc Murphy
  2. Sam Docherty
  3. Matthew Kreuzer
  4. Bryce Gibbs
  5. Kade Simpson

2016 Rising Star Noms

Caleb Marchbank (Rnd 6)
Sam Petrevski-Seton (Rnd 7)
David Cuningham (Rnd 12)
Jack Silvagni (Rnd 13)
Charlie Curnow (Rnd 16)

Ins – Matthew Lobbe, Matthew Kennedy, Darcy Lang, Aaron Mullett, Paddy Dow, Lochie O’Brien, Tom De Koning, Angus Schumacher, Jarrod Garlett, Cam O’Shea, Matt Shaw, Cillian McDaid

Outs – Dennis Armfield, Daniel Gorringe, Matthew Korcheck, Liam Sumner, Dylan Buckley, Ciaran Sheehan, Rhys Palmer, Andrew Galluci, Bryce Gibbs, Blaine Boekhurst, Simon White, Billie Smedts

My Prediction

You look at the best and fairest and you would worry about the older players carrying the list but then 5 players getting Rising Star nods in one year says that generational change is closer than it has been before. That being said, I think 2 of those 5 will be genuine superstars in Curnow and SPS, the others look more like solid citizens to me.

The backline performed well last year. Liam Jones was one of the stories of 2017 although I expect that to unravel this year, he started to get found out in the back end of last year and I think forwards will play through him more this year. Weitering doesnt look happy up forward and expect him to resume his backline duties this year. They are going to miss Docherty massively with his run from half back. He was regularly their best player last year.

The midfield is a work in progress. Losing Gibbs is going to hurt, Murphy had his best season in a while last year and will need to carry a larger workload this year. If Cripps can keep on the field then he is a beast. I would expect Kennedy to come in for support pretty much from day 1. SPS is there for his run but is a bit lonely in providing spark when needed. Will be interesting to see how much time Charlie Curnow spends through the middle. He reminds me so much of Pavlich that I would be surprised if he isnt a regular visitor in the centre.

The forward line is still diabolical, it has been for as long as I can remember. Weitering has been tried and hasnt worked, Charlie Curnow will play mostly forward and they have some decent young KP talent on the books. Casboult kicked better last year but I would be investing more in McKay who will be a much better player when the team is ready to climb the ladder. Jack Silvagni looks a gun, has that knack of being in the right place at the right time and seems to regularly find space.

Kreuzer had his best season in a long time and played some really good games. With Lobbe being brought in, I am curious if he is about to become more of a forward with Lobbe carrying the majority of ruck duties. Lobbe plays his best when he is the sole ruck.

All in all, I think Carlton are disappointingly starting to get things right. They have a long way to go but there is some quality young players coming through. This year though, wont be the one they suddenly jump up the ladder. I think they will stagnate this year and finish around 15-16.


Last. Just you wait and see.

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Isn’t that the last line of the Norf song? I think you just jinxed them.

Lose a few early on and the tank will be in full swing.

Oh and Fark Carlton


That should be their membership slogan and Tweeted by the club on the reg. They are absolutely farking godawful to watch. The moment they attack, they fall apart.

Last. Again.

Lost Gibbs to Crows and Docherty ACL for next year

Brought in average players from other clubs and kids

If either of Cripps or Murphy gets injured they are fkd through midfield

Difficult year coming up for them, which will be joyous for opposition fans.

Curnow & SPS are exciting to watch however

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I actually think they will imorove. They have some decent kids. Could see them finishing about 11-12th

They’ve got some good youngsters and are probably moving in the right direction but it’s hard to tell how much they’ll improve with more significant list changes and more recycled players coming in. I hope they don’t improve and continue to languish down the bottom but they’re probably on the up.

Really depends how guys like Cripps, McKay, Curnow, Weitering et al go. Also, depends on the coaching mindset, they’re likely to still be in ‘development mode’. They could improve and win a similar amount of games.

Not to dissimilar to us, in that our success could be determined by the seasons on Langford, Laverde, Parish etc. Similar age bracket.

They’ve brought in some handy and needed talent in the right places. Matthew Kennedy, Darcy Lang, Aaron Mullett should serve well, and Paddy Dow will be a long-term star. I wanted Lochie O’Brien for our pick 11, and rate him highly.
Forward line will let them down a bit, but I see them improving on last year, and maybe even pushing towards 10th/9th.

I think they will be bad until they are good.

As in they will float around the bottom 4 until one year they jump into the 8. A lot of talent coming through but they are still young, one day it will click.

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I think that Carlton will finish 18th


Guys, we are over a dozen posts into this thread, and it really needs to be said:

Fark Carlton!


Docherty AFLS #1 backwards kicker, who topped 3 other stats in the AFL for stats related to parking the bus is out this year.
So, whose gunna drive the bus in 2018?


May we beat them by 100 points. Twice. Even if we only play them once.

May they lose 8 of the first 9 games.

May they have a few unconvincing wins mid-season against crap teams so that the coach doesn’t get sacked.

May they then lose all the remaining games and finish last.

May they sack their coach two weeks from season end.

May all their Rising Star winners from 2017 leave them at season end.

May they invest heavily in upgrading Princes Park and go into liquidation.


Now THAT’S the spirit! Fark Carlton!

I’ve never related to the spirit of our Fark Carlton war cry or put down or whatever it is. To me it suggests the Carlton Football club is relevant, or that they matter, and for so long they just haven’t. I hate kochie’s port more; I despise Sydney more and I rate a win over hawthorn as far more important.

Every club has the downside of their cycle but with the blooose it’s just been so much more for so long. The pies have been relevant and worthy competition over the past 10 years, whereas the bloos have just been pathetic. I think of them more like norf.

And they do have some good young players which will help them climb up and peak during their next upcycle at a very respectable 9th position, before they cycle down again. Such a wonderful example of really, really long term bad management.


If there were a more dismissive phrase than Fark Carlton, I’m sure we’d use it.


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