Season 2018 - Carlton


Not bad.
I’ve changed my mind. A little venom is not misplaced here.


Coincidentally, both beat us in recent finals.


Fair point Deckham. Most clubs don’t win flags. They peak somewhere low in the 8, 2 x PFs for norf recently, then they cycle down again. Without the saga that would’ve been us in 2012/2013 - a good team, but not good enough to beat hawks or swans.
The blooos have beaten us & tigers this decade in finals, then they crashed again. That’s what I like about them, somewhere between mediocre and pathetic.
Carlton, irrelevant and pathetic.


Have some promising young players. I expect them to rise up the ladder to finish 17th.


Remember 1999

Fark Carlton


One day Jeannie Pratt will die, and so will they.


Good write-up All-Black.

Unlike the majority I think Carlton’s future is still looking very mediocre.

The best sides have youth that step up and take-over and then have two or three waves of youth coming through to continue to add depth. I don’t see ghat with Carlton.

Bottom 3 for 2018 before the steady rise to mediocrity/football oblivion!


When your B&F is a soft ■■■■■ like Marc Murphy, you know you’re not going anywhere. Will do nothing while he is their best player. Weak as urine.


They also lost their other best midfielder, when Squibbs walked out the door. This mob is going nowhere slowly.


Unlike Jeannie who is rolling in cash, they just appointed a Director whose company is on the skids and has faced numerous complaints such as harassment, wrongful dismissal etc etc. Such misfortune seems to mirror the continuing performance disappointment of Carlton, ( aka GWS Souths)


How long till they move Charlie Curnow to a full time mid? After that happens, their forward lines gonna struggle harder than they are already




Honestly don’t think thatll ever happen. Cripps and he would play too similar a role to each other. Curnow will play considerable time as a forward even when his midfield time is bumped up IMO.


Man we owe some teams a real proper dicking. I hope Langford has the same purple patch that he had for a qtr against them in 2016 and does it for 4 quarters. Then LAV jumps on fkn Weitering’s head right before STRING bursts through three blokes, spins, snaps and beats his chest like a fkn ape.

We really owe these guys a 70 pt belting. Twice.


Yeah agreed; 1st half AND 2nd half.
Is gonna be fun to watch on the days when it all gels.


We owe north several of these as well.




Carltons Best 22
B: Macreadie Jones Marchbank
HB: Simpson Weitering Plowman
C: Curnow Cripps Cunningham
HF: Silvagni Casboult Lang
F: Wright Curnow Petrevski-Seton
R: Kreuzer Murphy© Kennedy
INT: Garlett Pickett Dow Thomas,
EMG: Kerridge, Graham, A Silvagni
Docherty is a big loss, as they had plans on him moving into the midfield to help replace the loss of Gibbs.
Matt Kennedy goes straight into the midfield IMO, and will have a breakout year.

Not sure how much Lang will contribute?, probably; gets a gig in the forwardline though or on the bench.

Still a few Spuds on the list. that will get games when the depth is tested
And a Benfti Special rookie pick - Kym Lebois

Forwardline looks better, still not great.
They would be hoping Thomas isnt needed, with kids development, but looks like hes still good enough for a bench spot.

Prediction 14th - 17th Surely they have the talent to avoid the spoon.
Weitering, Cripps, Petrevski-Seton, C Curnow, Dow, Blues fans will see a little to get excited about.
Im picking Macreadie to step up and fill a bit of the hole docherty left. But who knows, maybe someone else could surprise down there.
If Harry McKay can show some potential then maybe we could see the end of Casboult, but i think McKay is still another year away from being a permanent fixture in the best 22.
I would like to see Petrevski-Seton with stints through the middle, would add speed and class.
Who knows what dow could offer, Blues will be hoping he becomes another gun.


Hard to see them winning a game, but l paraphrase. They will win some games, but will give the Roos a bit of a run for the spoon.


I get Marchbank and Plowman confused but one of them is going to be a fkn gun. I think it’s Plowman…