Season 2018 - Carlton


Pretty sure it’s Marchbank, CHB was a high pick for GWS


Plowman was pick3 as a genuine kpd

Marchbank was pick6 as a more 3rd tall type

They are both good players, Marchbank probably more noticeable as that intercept defender


I stand corrected, apologies Dell


Why do I hate them? Because they’re equal with us on 16 premierships, the most in the AFL. Because of the 1999 prelim. Because they’re rich and think they’re entitled to win the flag every year.

But most of all because they’re a bunch of ■■■■■■.


Hope they fold and die, then somehow get brought back to life and then die again

Will probably finish around 12-14th


Hello sailor!


Is this a pisstake or for real?


It’s real. AFL site put it up!

They copping it bad… Titanic Tanker’s


They have a new club song too:


My word.
Italian style and flair.
First that incredibly obnoxious dirty grey clash uniform, with the painted-on pockets, and now this nightmare of a poster. Wtaf are they doing in their marketing department?


Lol, … It’s soooo perfect isn’t it?? Hilarious.

We arrrre the NAVY boys, …


First it was that they were coming, now all about seamen


Not a fan of dual captains.

Hope we don’t go down that path


We have no need to.

Fark Carlton are probably doing while Cripps is young…a year or two of it while Cripps gets the experience to do it on his own.


That is shocking. Who in the marketing department let that through?


the same idiot that okay’d our membership card?


For those without Twitter, the comments are brilliant




So its offical Carltank have acknowledged they are a sinking ship!


Looks awfully a lot like the Titanic in the background.
Hopefully someone photoshops Docherty/Cripps heads over DiCaprio’s and Winslet’s