Season 2018 - Carlton


Very much the Titanic. It’s almost like they are thinking we are the biggest and best still. Maybe they need a history lesson both on their football club and also the Titanic.


That looks really ridiculous. The first association that comes to my mind is the Titanic.

Edit: Late again, but I see a lot of others think the same.


My first thought was “who’s Tenille?”


That guys eyes are friggin weird.

Looks like a mannequin, … that wants to kill you.


Always amazed a guy called Daryl Dragon thought he needed a stage name.

Ditto Randy California from Spirit, real name Randy Wolfe.


He’s probably the 2nd weirdest looking not-quite-Beach-Boy after old Chuckie Manson.


OMFG. That is next level bad. Don’t know where to begin.


If you scroll up…


Ok sorry. Will withdraw. Thanks sj. You’d think I’d know by now.


I have it on VERY good authority that Matthew Wright was forced to retire. Infact he’s given away all his Carlton crap (I know because the inlaws got it lol). Seems odd as he was their leading goal kicker but there you go, he at least has another job lined up.


I guess they need to make a list spot for another Son of Silvagni.
You would think they would want him to play on, given lack of goal kickers.


I hope we put a bid on him too


I’ve posted a lot of unkind things about that club in the last few days so I’ll try to give them some credit: maybe this is a hamfisted attempt to mend fences after their embarrassing position on SSM last year… points for trying I guess


The Carlton love in here surprises me.

They finished bottom with two victories and a heavy reliance on a handful of players.

They still have many gaps on their list and a lot still needs to go right before challenging.

Our list is young and talented but even a lot has to go right for us to challenge.

Teams should be built around midfields and admittedly they appear to be getting that right but they lack class in a lot of other areas.

As someone else mentioned above they are building a list that will top out around the 5-8 ladder position and not enough fire power to win a flag.


Requisite: “We lost to them”. Response.


I think they can quickly move to a 7 or 8 win side. Probably next year. From there, like all other middle of the road sides there are obviously a lot of factors that need to go right to become a top 4 side. It’s not a given they stay down forever like some think.
I think stacking their wages into a few really high paid guys makes it hard for them long term though.
Any idea what Cripps got with his last contract? He only extended for 2 years didn’t he?
You can guarantee if they sign up someone like Sheil for $1.2m, Cripps will want more for his next contract. Then they’re screwed




Well, i’m meaning next year they’ll improve to 7 or 8 wins, the following year they might even get 9 or 10. The media will be going ape ■■■■ over them. Then they’ll give Cripps a billion dollars and ■■■■ their cap and their rebuild will be over. Hopefully




Let’s be clear.
Since Judd retired mid-year Fark Carlton have finished 18th, 14th, 16th and 18th.
And they cheated their balls off to get him,
The year before they finished 13th.

During that time this club has gone through the saga, which by any measure farked our chances of success.
They’ve had none of that.
They’ve got their weak little hand out begging for priority picks while we’ve had decent picks stripped from us.
They’ve picked up yet another GWS maybecouldbe who’s played two AFL games.
This with ‘pick all the GWS players SOS’ at the helm.

We’re getting Shiel.

They’re lucky to still be in the league, and you don’t take ■■■■ from Fark Carlton supporters, ever.