Season 2018 - Collingwood


90,000 members, $4736 trillion in the bank, can’t work out how to turn on the sprinklers.


Had his career tragically cut short ? He was 35!!!


Aren’t they trying to take over more of the parkland and expand their footprint? Melb are trying the same into Yarra Park.


The Collingwood main training ground was basically packed sand when Blitz played there. I got shredded sandpaper-style within thirty seconds of the first bounce!


Well I guess the training surface can’t argue back, so probably not a bad move on the fitness/medical team’s behalf


Had ongoing issues with his hamstrings that greatly affectedly his ability to get on tha park over a number of years.


The first year he failed to play >15 games was 2004 when he turned 32, prior to that he averaged 20.73 games a year over 11 years.
Even counting his “injury plagued” latter years he still averaged 18.67 games a year, 19.64 if we remove his final year (5 games).


something, something spongy floors


I didn’t say EFC should chase the Collingwood doctor. My point in mentioning the Collingwood Club doctor and five other club doctors (I selected 6 clubs at random) was that each of these doctors was a specialist in Sports Medicine, i.e. they held post doctorate or fellowship studies in sports medicine and were at the forefront of musculoskeletal injury treatment. Unlike Bruce Reid who is a GP with experience in sports medicine.

I still believe that our club needs to have a better sports medicine department.

I wouldn’t have thought that the prevalence of soft tissue injuries at Collingwood could be attributable to the current club doctor, Ruben Branson. He joined the club after former Club Doctor, Chris Bradshaw’s medical license was suspended in November 2017. Treloar aside, the other players you have mentioned have a history of soft tissue injuries making treatment all the more challenging to a new doctor, albeit with specialised skills.

Therefore one could suggest that the medical team at Collingwood prior to Branson’s appointment were not as rigorous as they could have been in their treatment of the players mentioned. Just a thought to ponder.


Can’t believe this mob are second.


It would have to be two in the same leg right? Seperate legs is just bazaar - anyway pretty unlucky to blow 2 out of 3 in the same leg. I pullwd one off the bone age 31 and took 18 months to recover and lost my 4th & 5th gears in top end speed.


Things can turn pretty quickly though given how close it all is.

In the next 4 they have Ess, Eagles, North & Richmond

Even just losing to us next week could see them back to 5th. A couple more losses in those games and they would drop out of 8. Would be joyous.

We must beat these kents


Their a pretty good side this year, they won’t drop out the 8. No chance. Injury list is huge too, it’s been a pretty impressive year


These guys have a good history of turning things around pretty quickly… shame
We don’t. Their drafting and dealings is on point.


Looking at their run home, top 4 looks imminent.


It does. I reckon Port are certainties for top 4 as well.
It will be Richmond, Port, Pies and ???


Yeah, Chris mayne has been a godsend for them


Yeah - maybe he should be shopped around after that one.




Pies have had armchair ride from umps this season also. Before this round started they were +62 for frees their way, the best of any team.

We are -39, which was 4th worst IIRC