Season 2018 - Collingwood


Really hoping it is their soft draw that has got them so high on the ladder currently. The only top 9 team they have beaten is Melbourne. West Coast hadn’t won at the G for a few seasons but won against them despite losing Nic Nat. Another couple of losses starting this weekend against the Tigers would be nice to put them back into their box.


Even if the Tiges defeat them, they could easily win their last 4 to challenge WC for that 2nd spot home final.
I don’t think they will go worse than 3/5, which gives them 15 wins and 3rd (likely) or 4th.




They beat us.


They’re a good side. Will finish top 4. Their lack of even semi decent KPPs will hurt them eventually though.


Sydney have really underperformed though.
2 x runnerup 2014 & 2016 with Buddy. Won 2012 without Buddy but had him already signed. Pretty impressive to win the premiership then pickup the biggest Free agent. - A bit like if Tigers get Lynch after winning this years flag.

Swans needed to beat the dogs IMO for Longmires record and their Era.

Academy selections has helped keep them up, plus AFL letting them get tippett for no draft picks, and Buddy for no cost as well as a free agent. Tom Mitchell eventually pushed out.

For us Hird/Bomber forced out, plus saga and players leaving definetely stalled our development.

I am happy with the new group we have together though. And kudos to Dodoro for Bringing in 3 best 22 players in Smith, Stringer and Saad last year.
Is there finally light at the end of the tunnel. Is our list young enough for a period of sustained success?

A win against the swans on the weekend could be telling for both clubs.


Sydney didn’t get Buddy til the end of 2013, so they didn’t have him signed when they won in 2012


They sure drank lots of COLA though. The Afl will get Lynch to Pies or Tigers, and we will get more frees against.


We arent top 9

And North was the highest ranked team they had beaten


AFL didnt let them get Buddy, they banned them from trading for 2 season as retribution for taking buddy away from GWS.

Longmire is extremely overrated, regularly loses big games, often they get dragged over the line by Parker, Kennedy and Hennebery. They’ve had alot ot help from the academies and they are going poorly.


AFL let them get tippett, well he put a price on his head and went via PSD.
The Free Agency rules allowed them to get Buddy.
AFL was ticked off about Buddy yes.


And we aren’t a top 9 team


They did beat Melbourne - but Melbourne haven’t beaten anyone else in the top 8 either so someone had to win it!


I reckon we are at least top nine. More like top 6, even at the time they beat us.
Is the point not - the quality of the team beaten?


His record of getting his team into the finals says otherwise. They rarely miss out. Cue COLA lines etc.



Oh no poor them…



That isn’t exactly in the spirit of the argument though, is it?
When we played the Pies, we were definitely ranked as a top 8 team. That’s difficult to argue against.
If the point of the stat is the calibre of the team played, and not some number that means little, that is.


On what metric were or are we a top 8 team? We aren’t in the 8 now and we weren’t when we played the Pies. Maybe on form but claiming we are a top 8 team is just wrong. Ask any non Bombers supporter this question and they would laugh at your assertion.

I state it again based on current ladder positions they have only beaten 1 top 9 team and that is Melbourne.