Season 2018 - Collingwood


If I explain further - will you laugh at me?
Cause I’m a little sensitive.


It’s a statement of fact what I’m saying. So I’m unsure how you can dispute it. But no I won’t laugh at you.


Alrighty then.
I’m doing well today - quite a few ‘arguments’ I don’t have to follow up on :slight_smile:


Ok, you edited slightly, so let me give you my point of view.
Judging a team’s calibre by the quality of the teams they play is one way to rate - but there are a few caveats. For example - how good is a team playing another that is decimated with injuries? What about weather conditions - does it matter? Do you take it in consideration? What about ‘form’?
Form is a bit of a flighty thing, because much like the rating system we’re discussing - it is subject to the win/loss performance against other teams - the opponents ‘form’, and variables and conditions surrounding that specific performance. But let’s take ‘form’ to mean - ‘how well a team is playing in general, at the time’. If we can agree on that loose definition, Essendon are top 4 in the comp, on form, since the Carlton loss. Now - you can say that regardless - we are sitting in 11th spot - and technically - Collingwood hasn’t beaten us at ‘#4’ or even ‘in the eight’. But to my mind, that would be a spurious argument, because it does not hold true to the actual purpose of the rating system we are talking about.


Pales in comparison to brilliant image:



They are correct though, … Collingwood do Blow, …


Don’t like seeing players getting injured but suck a bag of dicks Pies hope the Tigers give you a good old rogerring


And to add a counterpoint…they suck as well.



How much?


De Goney



How many more of these incidents are we going to cop from Collingwood before someone intervenes??

They clearly have a drug infested culture.


All clubs would want to be circumspect about this, glass houses, etc.


They were perfectly happy to throw stones at our glass house but I take your point.


how hard is it to not ingest cocaine/ meth/ pot on gameday? i mean really?


So much for ASADA-process confidentiality.


Must of had his drink spiked. No other possible way…


Fark you wouldn’t want to be playing stoned, surely?


lets ask langford


Don’t you mean contaminated meat? Isn’t that three positives for them now? We had a big ■■■■■■■ 0!