Season 2018 - Collingwood


You’ve seen The Club?

Wouldn’t be the first time a Collingwood player has taken to the field whilst bent.



I love that movie. I miss the time when everyone communicated by shouting at each other.


Condolences to the Varcoe family after Travis’ sister Margaret passed away today after sustaining a head knock whilst playing football on Saturday.


Oh man. Condolences Varcoe family.


That’s fkg rough.


Horrible news.


We all know it can happen in this game, but it still always shocks.

Very sad.

And, although I’m not sure how this happened, I’ve felt for a long time that Footy grounds should have to pass a minimum softness measure to be deemed safe to play.

When I was in my first year of Senior footy, we were playing a pre season scratchy at Inverloch, … Early March, … little rain, and the ground was like Concrete.

Capt Coach went for a grab in the Goal square, came down and I watched his head whiplash into the ground 20 ft away.

Despite the Air Ambulance copter landing on the Oval 30 mins later and taking him directly from where he landed to The Alfred Emergency in about another hour, … he died that Evening, … & everytime this happens since I think of him, and that if the Ground hadn’t been so frigging hard that day, he’d still be with us.

Heart goes out to her family, friends & team mates.


V sad news indeed.


Wasnt it suffered through a head clash?


Yes, with her own teammate


There are rules around hardness and softness of grounds.

Back about 10 years ago when we had our last big dry in Victoria, we tested all footy grounds on the day before the match and closed many due to hardness and lack of water to make them safe.

It was not enforced by the Football Leagues or Health Authorities, but driven by the Shires Insurance Companies due to potential claims.


Jaidyn Stephenson won the Rising Star


He’d have been my choice.
Doedee, Witherden and Ed Richards I’d have as place-getters.

But we all know Franga was robbed.



essendon player didn’t win. zero ■■■■■ given.




I’ve been looking for this thread so I can say publicly what I think.
Jordan de Goey lost the GF for cwood.
It wasn’t the shepherd, it wasn’t “did he play on” it was de Goey.

de Goey hung back on the forward line as McGovern went for the mark ball hoping for an out the back sneaky, I’m a hero GF winning goal. It didn’t happen.

He should have competed with McGovern to at least keep the ball in cwood’s forward line.

There, I’ve said my piece. thank you.


was that the direction the coaches wanted though? surely he would want to get amongst it and go into the guts of the ground.

also, hes scary good. i could see him become the best player in the comp soon.


De goey kept them in it. To pick out that against the things he did right is a big call.


An interesting recent opinion piece suggesting that Collingwood have a problems that they have assembled a star studded midfield ( maybe at the expense of defence ?) It cites the Geelong experience that a star studded midfield might have problems with the stars wanting to be stars, rather than playing “for the team”

Collingwood will be nominated as the competitions best midfield in 2019, Geelong will have the title of the #1 Midfield of the Aging Stars.