Season 2018 - Collingwood


You’re not wrong but put it in context.
WCE were all over them in the contest from about the end of the 3rd quarter onwards. Pies did well to hang in (on the scoreboard) as long as they did, helped by some bad kicking from the Eagles.

You can pick out that decision, the bizarre decision to have Leigh fkg Adams kicking out of back 50, the runnwr, or probably half a dozen other moments.
They were making bad decisions cos they were cooked.


while were on this topic, how farking good is it seeing the pies lose in a GF


It’s the real spirit of christmas


On Fox last weekend they had the “classic matches” 2018 GF followed by 2009 ANZAC day game


I reckon our midfield is now as good as their, or am I over-stating ours.

And Geelongs midfield in 2006-2011 was great, but it didn’t come at the cost of the defence. And they played fantastically as a team. Won 3 flags, runner up in another and prelim final in another


Geelong’s backline was at least the equal of their midfield

Depending on which year exactly, Scarlett/Enright/Harley/Taylor/Wojinski/Lonergan/Kelly/Milburn.

Andrew Mackie was the weak link, and he played 250+ and an all australian jumper.

Almost every incarnation of that backline from 07 to about 2012 was absolutely all time.


I can show you pie charts and bar graphs that prove you are 100% correct.
But Harry Taylor playing on ? I suppose 11 delistings is enough.


The last time we played them our midfield faded in the last quarter. Collingwood won 2-3 high quality centre bounce clearances ( mainly Pendlebury who had been quiet up to then)

The match report tells the story:
" Essendon: The Bombers lost Orazio Fantasia before the match, with the forward livewire – who kicked four goals last week against North Melbourne – suffering a groin strain at training on Saturday. It got worse when Patrick Ambrose, after being swung onto Jaidyn Stephenson at quarter-time, pinged his right hamstring chasing the Rising Star favourite early in the second term. Jake Stringer struggled with a tight calf in the second half and David Myers copped a kick to the calf that restricted him, but they stayed on the ground to help rotations.


So, based on this, our midfield is competitive, and close to Collingwoods but we have to stay with them for 4 quarters. We need to watch Tommy’s loadings so he has plenty in the tank when matching up against the top 2-3 ruckmen in the comp. In that game Collingwood won a lot of stoppage clearances in the last quarter.


Was that the same match where we lost stringer and Myers in the the last quarter and were already down a player in the second?

Yes it was



Add in Shiel and the extra year from Langford, Pidge and Parish and things start to look like they will be good.


Their back six for the flag sides in that period (as per wiki):

07 - Harley, Scarlett, Millburn, Hunt, Mackie, Wojcinski (with Kelly on the bench)
09 - Millburn, Scarlett, Enright, Mackie, Taylor, Harley
2011 - Hunt, Scarlett, Lonergan, Enright, Taylor, Wojo (Kelly listed on the bench again)

Compared to our 2000/2001
Wallis, Fletcher, Wellman, Hardwick, Johnson, Solomon (2000)
Then Jacobs instead of Wallis in 2001

You’d end up with at least half Geelong players if you were to pick a “best” side out of all those listed.



Them (2009 probably the pick) and us 2000-01 are the best 2 backlines I’ve seen.


Geelong also lost Matt Egan from that era’s backline. He was All Australian Centre Half Back in 2007 before breaking his foot in Round 22 and never playing again. They did very well to find Taylor as a mature age replacement.


My only disappointment was that Sheed’s kick wasn’t after the siren. Watching them lose a GF after the siren after leading all day would have been the 2nd best possible result for the season. Only thing better would be us having won the flag.


was still great seeing Howe cringing after being tackled in the goalsquare and Eddies look of resignation while his two sons sulked.


Is Harry Taylor playing on next year?


Nah, the West Coast backline of the 90’s is easily the best ever:
Worsfold, Jackovich, McKenna, Brennan, McIntosh and Hart

I still remember that in the high scoring 90s, getting a score higher than 80 points was considered a great result against them. That says a lot about how great their defence was.


That’s IF he can stay on the right side of the rules. If NOT, he won’t.