Season 2018 - Collingwood


player asked them their IQ


Milne wouldn’t know how to spell IQ?


Milne really should have been a Collingwood player. He’s perfect for them


Have you seen Idiocracy?


When Wells plays they win


Well, there’s 7 games for them.

Did he play once or twice against us last year?


Surprisingly he played 10 games, but only 1 against us. That’s enough to blow the theory though


His gameplan is seemingly good at keeping his side “in” the game (and not much else)
Whether they should be dominating, or should be getting blown away, they’re often only 1-3 kick margins.

I don’t know what that means, or if it means anything at all.


His game against us was his first back and they were in it.

Of the other 9 he played they won 7, lost to GWS by 3 points and drew with Adelaide.

They have plenty of quality vanilla in that side but they need some class and when he gets on the park he has it in spades


I suspect Buckley believed that if you draft and trade in the best possible midfield, a flag would follow. While he patches up the cracks in his bookends and spine, his great midfield is aging fast. Result. They are going nowhere.


Crap players, crap coach. What do you expect the outcome to be? Everyone saying they’ll do a Richmond in sticking by a coach rather than sacking him, but you can argue that 2016 for Richmond was the anomaly. They made the finals from 2013-15, in '13 and '15 they won 15 games in the H&A season. If you go 15-7 you’re a good team. 2016 was poor but again in 2017 after some good recruiting, bringing in some new assistant coaches and a different game style, they got back to a 15-win season and then went all the way. In comparison the Pies haven’t made the finals since 2013. To expect them to make a quantum leap with the same coach, pretty much the same players (the only bloke they got in the trade period was a rookie-listed player from Sydney yet to play an AFL game) and close to the same backroom staff is ridiculous. Isn’t the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results? I’f they win any more than 9-10 games I’d be very surprised. 13th.


No, it is not


Moore has achilles soreness issues which could affect him being ready for season / hamper him this year.


That’s ok they’ve got plenty of other tall players raring to go!


They have that deaf guy McLarty they drafted with their first pick last year, i.e. 5th round, we’d expect to be hearing about (even if he himself couldn’t).


I thought they changed a lot of the coaching department and the whole fitness department?


Bottom 4. Absolutely vile playing list and and worse coach.

Buck’s sacked by round 11.

But if course they’ll still ■■■■ us on ANZAC Day


Someone should have a whisper to Moore about our spongy floors.


Should never have offloaded both Schade AND Keefe

Plus wasn’t Schade decent last yr?


He was very helpful to us in our Anzac day win. Pies supporting mate I was with was not impressed.