Season 2018 - Collingwood


When I see these stories I think “thank goodness they’re not from Essendon”.


Yeah, but on the bright side, you don’t hear Collingwood supporters going on and farking on about their club putting ‘good character’ on their list of required draftee attributes.

So there’s that.


It’s definately not the definition for those that have politically correct sensibilities.

Personally, I’m certifiably insane, and I like the saying.


■■■■■■■ Pelican


Politically correct? WTF are you on about?


Indefinite suspension, 10k fine


Indefinite = until someone else makes a mistake and there is a big enough story to cover us bringing him back in


Smart move by the Pies. By saying indefinite it hoses down all the speculation for the next few days over whether it was too harsh or not. Then, as you say it will all be forgotten about in a few weeks.


The kind of “meaningful change” they are after generally happens on a Sunday, when the 1’s copped a flogging on the Saturday night and he rack up 30 and kicks 5 in the VFL the following day. Indefinite suspensions are a crock!


I see according to the AFL site he got “at least four weeks” which by my calculations ends the Monday before their first game. Astonishing.


Indefinite = Anzac Day return


I’ll be surprised if he misses a game. Shocked if it’s more than two.


Love that society still adopts the caveman mentality that player X has done something wrong, so he must be forced to be involved in charity work - The last thing charitable organisations want is to have dubious characters involved in their work - A typical cheap and nasty attitude attitude by the wider society.


“He will be suspended until he learns to behave properly…like a big boy.”


Isn’t the idea that it would help him develop as a person?


Just read the article. De Goey has offered to make a $10,000 donation to charity. I’d say 10k is the first thing many charitable organisations would want.


Will come in that week, fired up and win the medal McGough style.

Bookmark it.


What was Hodgey’s punishment? Hang on scrap that question it’s not relevant because Hodgey is a great bloke, one-club player and loyal to the core, who just had a minor slip up because everyone at the pub wanted to have a drink with the legend.

Further I admit to being a neanderthal who believes that the police and the law should deal with these matters and apply appropriate sanctions and clubs should focus on social education and footy training (not more sanctions).

Hodgey would agree with that (unless he was asked on TV).


Other than playing for Brisbane?


DUI Goey