Season 2018 - Collingwood


I think Yaco’s point is that working for a charity or donating to a charity should be something that people want to do, not be a punishment forced upon them, That’s kinda what the word ‘charity’ means.


Question for the legal people amongst us, I’ve been curious about how football clubs can impose fines upon its players for indiscretions outside of their job. Player blows over 0.05 and the club can discipline them.
What part of the law allows an organisation to do that? Just curious.


There will be conditions in their employment contract which provide for a code of conduct and reserve directions to the employer for the imposition of penalties.

I presume so anyway.


It’s the catch all clause, you may have heard it before:

“Bringing the game club into disrepute”




Underrated post!


It’s the same kind of ‘law’ that allows a sporting organisation to suspend a player or official, or, a corporation to sack an employee for doing something it deems ‘morally wrong’. Sporting codes, contracts, agreements, financial pressure, bribery and blackmail.


Or the same kind of “law” where 34 Essendon players can be denied all justice and convicted of a crime without any evidence. Still will never understand why one of the 34 Players did not take it furtnher in a real Court.

When De Goey goes to Court, the Magistrate should take into account his $10,000 “fine” and being suspended from his job in determining a punishment for being 0.095%.


Not sure how good De Goey actually is, don’t think he’s shown many outside of Collingwood that but they’re in some early season strife IMO. Have a look at their first 6 games then add interrupted pre seasons to Elliott, Moore, Wells, Fasolo and now De Goey. They could conceivably be 1-5. Does that force their hand with De Goey? Where will that leave Buckley?



How hard is it these days to get a ride/taxi/uber? Footballers are the dumbest ■■■■■ on earth.


Fagan mentioned that in the event of a DUI situation involving a player, he would expect (as Hawthorn football manager ) between 30 and 40 calls during the day from “all the stakeholders” that includes AFL, AFLPA, player manager, club sponsors, etc. The player contract is a tripartite agreement, so the “Employer” you refer to is the hidden hand making all the puppets dance, in case it “brings the game into disrepute”.


I don’t get why players need to be punished by their club as well as the law. It’s just to appease the hysterical masses in the media.


They aren’t paid the big money for football skills alone. They sell their lives for the years they play.


Fairybread understood 90% of my post from yesterday:grinning: Just to elaborate on the key points.

The donation to charity has two components which need to be addressed - Players can only be fined 5000 under the terms of their employment contracts as agreed to by the AFLPA - So in effect the 10K donation to charity is fining a player extra by stealth - You can also add that when you donate to charity there are some tax benefits.

Forcing a player to participate in charity work debases the word ‘charity’ in that it should be done by an individual who willingly volunteers - Charities are quite strict in screening suitable candidates to volunteer for their organisation. It seems that society as a whole, especially the institutions like courts throw every ‘Tom, ■■■■ and Harry’ into charity work, despite in some cases their blatant unsuitability for the role - Society can do better.


And they pay for their indiscretions by having their face splashed all over the news.

Still doesn’t explain why they need to be suspended.


Shaming people never works.
In fact scientific evidence says it makes future indiscretions far more likely. I’m not talking about this in isolation, I’m talking about all law breaking incidents.

Saying that Collingwood always had to come down hard, especially when you’ve had a legend of the club killed in a drink driving incident. Its incomprehensible that drink driving would be an issue at that club, based purely on its Devastating history.


So what’s your suggestion for society to deal with crimes which don’t deserve a jail sentence? Judges hand down community services orders all the time.


In recent times, one could say there has been a little too much of throwing ■■■■ into charity work…


Why should the Pies punish him? At the very least he’s putting himself in unnecessary risk and his employment at the club relies on him being physically capable to perform.

What if he crashes the car and gets hurt and misses half the season? Unlike other professions the Pies can’t go out and hire a replacement.


How did these muppets get a top 8 ranking in the CD simulations. They need to admit that ranking system is a long way off being accurate.