Season 2018 - Collingwood


What is your perfect weekend?
For me it is an exciting Essendon win, a heavy Collingwood loss and the whole Sunday morning in bed with the missus (especially when she wears her fortune teller’s costume!).


Ahahah!!! Brilliant. I’m using that.


They always contest but lack the ability to score or keep possession. Most teams will beat them just by grinding it out because they’ll give up opportunities and stuff up their own chances. Pies and Freo are very similar teams and I think it’s combination coaching, leadership and management issues.


I’ve heard thats Bucks is looking to Chris Mayne to solve their problems.:rofl:


All those years recruiting mid after mid and of recent times Treloar and Adams just butcher it, Aish is a fairy & Wells can’t stay on park.

Zero planning for the post Cloke era and their gun young and raw kpf they ruin and end up needing to shift him back.

What’s more they shifted out Cloke to make salary cap room for Mayne - ha! & Wells.

Cox will never be the fwd they want, seemingly pinned all their hopes on getting Lynch now and even if they land him (doubt it) will have to pay a fkn fortune.

Bucks had the youngest premiership list in the comp at his disposal when he took over and utterly farked it up together with recruitment team.

It’s fantastic.

Ahahaha! Yep. Replace one hack with another!!




Hard to compare Essendon’s skill level to Collingwood’s skill level - Collingwood is just about the worst kicking side in the AFL and have been for the last three years - To think they gave up a two first-rounders for Treloar whose kicking is abysmal - Then again some here still claim Treloar is a gun


You think I might be crazy but I wouldn’t mind one of Treloar or Adams if the Pies got rid of them yeah they can butcher ball but both are good a winning contested ball.

We have the likes of Heppel,Merret,Zaka,Parish,McGrath,Smith on the outside with good skills that he can dish off to.


I still think Buckley gets sacked by round 6. When we do them by 100 on ANZAC day.


You may as well chuck Clarke in there, if that’s all you’re interested in. He’ll get the ball out for you.
(and then kick it into TBell’s head)


It’s not out of the question at all. They could easily be 0-5 after ANZAC day.

GWS this week.
Carlton round 3 - that’s 50/50 at best
Adelaide away in round 4
Richmond in round 6
Brisbane away in round 7

Unless they really turn it around, surely the tipping point comes somewhere in that stretch.


Yes, I do think you’re crazy.

The Pies won’t toss Treloar anytime soon.
He’s a good player.

I wouldn’t want Adams anywhere near our team.
One of the worst kicking midfielders I’ve ever seen, and not particularly creative by hand either


Listening to SEN, did I just hear Buckley use the excuse they weren’t favourites! He is so dumb I hope he gets extended and they stay near the bottom.


I don’t mind Bucks but god he is a slow learner.

It would make more sense to shower Mitchell with praise rather than continue to talk him down.

Collingwood coach Nathan Buckley has outlined how Tom Mitchell’s 54-disposal performance has been “overblown.”

Mitchell set an AFL record for most disposals in the win over the Magpies, but Buckley believes that wasn’t the defining factor in the contest.

“He was best on ground, let’s be clear, but it has been overblown about how significant his performance was in the result because there were so many things we were in control of that we didn’t get done, that didn’t get the result,” he told SEN’s Whateley.

“In the last quarter, Tom Mitchell had 17 touches but we went inside 50 19 times to 9.

“If you extrapolate that out, Tom Mitchell has 76 touches and we have 80 inside 50’s to 40. I would take that.

“Let’s not get caught up in how many touches a bloke gets.”

After Mitchell also had 50-plus touches in the same fixture last season, many have questioned Buckley’s decision not to tag the Hawks midfielder.

However, Collingwood’s coach says they did send players to man Mitchell at times, but the role wasn’t performed at an adequate level.

“We sent a player to him in the last 10 minutes of the second quarter and it didn’t happen and didn’t get done,” Buckley said.

“The diligence to perform that role wasn’t up to standard."

However, there was a moment where the Pies were able to nullify Mitchell’s impact.

“We sent Steele Sidebottom to him in the third quarter and in the first 15 minutes, Steele had six touches and Mitchell had five of that third quarter," Buckley said.


I recall having a debate with you about Treloar around when he was getting traded. I would like to say you were right, his kicking is atrocious.




Let’s be clear Naffan, Mitchell tore the Pies a new one. So many things you were in control of, yet Tom reigned supreme. That doesn’t sound much to me like the Pies were in control of anything.


Not like rejigging their trash fwd line and poorly skilled mids an overnight fix

Can have all the inside 50’s in the world but if can’t hit targets or don’t have any one marking the ball who can also kick straight then back the other way it goes.


Probably not an overnight fix but to use the strengths of their players would be to just get as many numbers around it and just get the ball forward and create that next stoppage or contest and repeat. Play wide to limit the damage going the other way. They have players that can definitely win the footy but there scrappy.
Rereading that makes me think of Malthouses coaching. Is he fighting it out of ego? Thinking about it, the coaches that played either coach the way they were coached or follow what the club stands for yet he has gone against the grain. He’s experimenting at the highest level and failing, if we had a coach doing that I would be very angry and vocal.