Season 2018 - Essendon


If anyone expects me to be a gracious winner after the last five years, they’re farking morons. I am going to be intolerable.

Essendon by 74 in the Grand Final for mine.


Baguley may or may not be about to decline, but the other two are easily worthy inclusions in the team and should be about to reach their peak as players.


I am so on board with this.


2001 sucked it was my birthday. I think the GF is on my birthday again this year, I only want one thing.



For Norm Smith?


I was pretty confident in 93. In fact I left the qualifying final which we lost to Carlton pretty confident we were going to sweep all before us.


What about half time of the prelim?


Not so much.


It’s going to be an exciting team to watch. I think we still lack a Solly / Barnard type…




Stringer will take care of it

75% mid,5% forward,10% Solly,10% barnard


People are forgetting about the AFL’s secret weapon.

The AFL’s secret weapon has never been used to help Essendon. I doubt they will any time soon, at least until ALL of the E34 have retired. Then it may be used as a nice propaganda point, just like “Footscray’s first flag in 60 years” and “Richmond’s first flag in 40 years”.

So to win before then, we will have to beat the other teams plus their “help”.


AFL would love a successful Essendon. Any past prejudices are removed by $$$$.


Geez you must be more lid off than me

Weren’t we a Bickley fart away from losing the prelim?


I was gutted at that point


Yes. But I was choc full of confidence after that first final loss


All I’m interested in at this point is to see where SMJ sees us finishing this year.


If @darkknightpheonix has the lid cracked on a gentle simmer…we are going places!


Im more excited this year by our prospects than any previous year. I think that we have a genuine chance to make top 4. However I think that a lot still needs to go right for us. I think that the difference between our worst & best will depend on the performance of our new Stringers and 2nd stringers. Guys like Gleeson, Begley, Parish Laverde Baguley, Laverde Ambrose, Stewart Colyer Dea and Bellchambers. If these guys can find 10 - 15% improvement then we will have a stella year. But it is a long season.
I actually expect that guys like Smith, McKenna and TIppa to be become very very good footballers by seasons end ( one or two more All Aust to go with Daniher, Hurley ? )

I hope that Begley can get a regular game across half forward and Francis can turn things around and get into the team. So much talent. Our fortunes might rest very heavily on Tbell. If he can dominant some games & play well in others we can have a real show.



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