Season 2018 - Essendon





If we get the midfield working right (ie working both ways), the defence falls into place, and we already know the forward line is as good as any.

I’m not quite as bullish as a lot on here for 2018. We need to find 3-4 in midfield, and I would rather that be prioritised at the expense of a few extra wins than see a repeat of 2017’s “patch and hope” strategy.

Will be interesting who they push through in the pre-season and early rounds. Would love nothing more than to hear Begley + Langford + Mutch tearing it up.

2018 Season in Review: The Clapper v Gloomer Deathmatch

When you say we need to find 3-4 in midfield, are you counting McGrath and Smith in that?

P.S I liked your summary of our midfield rankings the other day and who needs to jump up levels. I think that is a realistic chance


Where’s that hawthorn bloke who always comes in here with a write-up that has us finishing bottom 4…?


Mixed lollies


Smith, McGrath, parish is a virtual inclusion having spent most of last year doing anything but following the ball. That’s 3 who I think are virtual locks to make an impact. I think we can expect at least 1 of Langford, stringer, Begley or lav to make a valuable contribution to the midfield. And I also think we’ll see a bit more of Fanta and tippa running through there.

Lid off


We need three things to happen for us for to make top 4 and have a shot at the big one.

  1. Win the winnable games we lost last year. Grit, guts and hunger.

  2. Consistency within the playing group. Group unity and strength.

  3. Luck with injuries. Our fitness, flexibility and longevity will be the key.


On top of Smith is what I was thinking, for no particular reason.

To go top 4, you really need contributions from more than just the 7-8 guys ostensibly picked as mids in the best 22. There’s generally 1-2 forwards and 1-2 half-backs who have stints in there, plus injury cover.

Last year we really missed a trick IMO by not giving any of those fringe & younger guys much opportunity.


THE Adelaide Crows are hoping captain Taylor Walker will be available for Round 1 despite suffering a foot injury at training.

Walker will spend the next fortnight in a moon boot — but won’t need surgery — after straining his plantar fascia, the ligament which spans the arch of the foot from heel to ball.

The club has ruled out his participation in any preseason games.

Adelaide general manager of high performance Matt Hass said Walker would do limited training over the next fortnight, but is expected to make a full recovery within five to six weeks.

There’s more to the article if you can be bothered reading it.


I still reckon our backline is suss. How Hartley/Ambrose go will go a long way to our fortunes


Add 4, not getting farked by the umpires or get given a easy run like the doggies or Geelong.


I personally felt Ambrose was going just fine until he got injured. I remember being surprised by how good he was. Probably because I consider him an extremely hard worker, but rather limited footballer. I felt he also got completely towelled in the final, and that does affect ones opinion.

Hartley however I felt was mostly average. I remember being pretty disappointed with his performances in general. It’s probably because I consider him to have a heap of footballing talent and thought he’d be an excellent fullback. But mostly I was left making excuses for him.

I don’t think we will play both of them. Even though Hurley has slimmed down, I still think they’ll play him in the key position. I think Ambrose is going to give us a good base level performance (with height the isssue), and Hartley is your upside if he can get his game together.


Went to the podiatrist yesterday to sort out my plantar fascia. No moon boot here. Walker is a soft ■■■■.


He has the makings of a very good FB. Just needs a bit more experience, which will then bring confidence and hopefully he’ll stop grabbing fistfuls of jumper.


I know they’re way too committed now to make it happen. But if Stringer + Stewart do enough forward surely you have to start considering putting Hooker back.


I put 50% of our forwardline success last season down to Hookers form. Reckon nearly all the improvements that happened last year would not have happened to the extent they did if Hooker wasnt there.

Even if Stringer/ Stewart provide capable forward options, dont think either of them will be that focal point, around which a forwardline can be structured


I’ll feel a lot more confident in our backline if our midfield can force more long high entries and fewer spot ups from mids running unopposed through the front of the square.


The other 50% was Daniher learning how to kick straight.


I had confidence in Ambrose early in the year, he was very good at the start of the year. Then got injured and lost confidence when he got back.
Hartley looked a bit out of sorts, goes to grab the jumper too much for mine. If he backed himself more and was more attacking, would be more inclined to give him a spot.
Ambrose best suited for the Runing forward - like the Reiwoldts, due to his aerobic capacity.
Hartley to play on the giants due to his size.


Jumper grabbing a panic move after being out bodied / outpositioned.

Getting stronger (he has bulked up through shoulders) and continually working on his craft the key. Is an experienced AFL level kpd all things considered.