Season 2018 - Greater Western Sydney


You would think they are cutting more than what they need to this year in order to keep Kelly, Coniglio and the rest next year. Still they shouldn’t be throwing guys like Patton and Scully away for minimum chips, especially to Hawthorn of all clubs.


Could be a genuine chance of a spoon next year the way they’re going.


They won’t spoon it next year.

Fark FC. Now there’s an excellent spoon chance.


GC should be massive favourites for the spoon. Carlton won’t get the spoon


I heard Carlton deffo wouldn’t get it this year too. Good coach good young list etc etc

Fast forward 12 months, their supposed superstar had a supposed superstar season, they were still actually worse than our VFL side in 2016. Still got potatoes like Rowe and Liam Jones as walk ups. Coach has no idea, and the club seems fine with the situation because they’ve got another one off GWS’ injury list.






They certainly are.

I think they’ll improve a bit this year from getting Docherty back and natural development of guys like SPS and McKay, and Walsh should be good to xontribute from day 1, but they still rely very heavily on some of the worst ~30yo talent in the league. Things aren’t really going to turn the corner for them for a while yet, and it should be fun to watch.

But with GC haemorrhaging talent and seemingly unable to develop a kid or keep him on their list if they do, they’d have to be big favourites for the spoon right now.


If Gold Coast players play with heart. Then they are a chance to miss the spoon, just need players that want to play there.
If they win the spoon can see Afl giving them priority picks.

Pick2&3 this year should help a bit unless they go tall.


If GC lose May as well as Lynch this offseason, going tall might be a damn smart idea for them, even if two talls in Lukosius and King weren’t the best two players available after the Blues take Walsh…


I meant more short term.
Going tall now means they will see little return form top picks next year.
Overall grand scheme it makes sense.


So were GWS going to pick up Mummy to help with their ruck situation?

Might be difficult now


why so?


so says twitter



play on!


link taken down.
Hes still a slight chance…maybe it was released so no other club chooses to pick him up…
If he doesnt get picked up, it probably puts his coaching gig in jeopardy too.


I saw the video - posted over on Facebook. I’m not sure what the standard size of a line of cocaine is but it looked big.

He looked absolutely wrecked too.


is that an ex young gws player recently traded to a melbourne club at the beginning of the video?


Cocaine does that.

Seriously though he is lucky to be alive if he does them that big.




That seems to be the consensus.


They must be making a lot of cupcakes with that much icing sugar.

Edit: Stupid wrong link.

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