Season 2018 - Greater Western Sydney




christ oh mighty. what an animal.


Yep. A lesser man’s head would’ve damn near exploded.


That line is Tony Montana is size, surprised his heart is still beating


Deary me. That’s not small.

Timing of this coming out now interesting however. Does it stop him getting picked up or get him to drop to the club that wants him aka GWS


GWS deserves this setback after what they did to us


Happened 3 years ago by all reports. Leave it go! At this point he’s not an AFL listed player, so why make a fuss? Slow news day clearly…


Offering rehab for a 3 year old incident … hmmmm



Was designated to come back for a season to be their ruckman. So they sold off Lobb. Getting Mummy back is “not a good look”. Messy.





So not Setterfield, given he wasn’t draft until 2016.


So can’t be Setterfield…


Presuming said reports that the video is 3 years old are accurate.

Coming from the club I’m inclined to believe it.


If 3yrs ago that’s some solid carpet sweeping by the AFL/GWS

Can’t imagine it just stayed hidden all that time only to come out now by chance.



Solution is simple. The Giants should be forced to play for no points in 2019, thus giving as pick 19 in next year’s draft.


Somebody didn’t want him back!

Weird that is comes out 3 years later just before he is slated to make a comeback.