Season 2018 - Greater Western Sydney



Sausages and cleaning out the plumbing.

Needs a sponsorship from Bunnings.


Yeah he is. That was awesome


Yes. Yes sir I do.


I’m loving the people here who don’t think 3/4 of our guys have done that at some stage.
They’re cashed up 20 year olds ffs. If that’s their version of misbehaving then good on them, if I had that much money and time in my mid 20’s I’d have been 500 times worse!!


When they tell you theyre not going to draft you


But if there’s no video it doesn’t bring the game into disrepute. The person who released the video should be charged.


Who said they didn’t think our players did the same?


The AFL and Collingwood went beserk when players tested positive for illicit drugs were identified by club. Where is the AFL and GWS outrage about whoever posted the video?


It’s much ado about nothing - I am certain the GWS can handle this issue internally - To be frank it’s no-one’s business.


Well it is illegal behaviour, isn’t it?

Much like Liam Ryan’s drink driving incident that made the news.

Can’t report on one and not the other.


Some people are counts aren’t they.

I mean seriously the guy wants to come back and play some footy.

Only then is this video made public.

Wonder why they shot it to begin with.


why would he let somebody film him…


Shock news, a lot of footballers are dumb.


Seriously? The guy was doing something illegal, of course there are consequences. It is not “much ado about nothing” at all.


Mummy did the wrong thing and deserves to be punished but the focus should also be on the lowlife that leaked the video. What a rotten thing to do!


GWS sook about the AFL.
Three year old footage of a player GWS want to rookie suddenly surfaces.
Not during the trade period, of course, a comfortable period after that.
AFL’s integrity unit investigate whether it brings the game into disrepute.


um, nah. If he’s stupid enough to let himself be filmed doing it (fuck me he even posed for the camera) then he deserves all the pain that’s coming his way just for being a complete idiot.


I wonder who would have the incentive to put this out there? Someone should check big Dawson’s recent youtube activities… :wink:


Do you really think Mumford will be charged by the police ? It says lots about you that you believe private videos ( which may or may not have been taken without consent ) are deemed newsworthy.