Season 2018 - Greater Western Sydney


They are newsworthy, and it says a lot about you, that he is taking drugs whilst being a senior player and is now also a coach of young players.


So can anybody prove what drugs they were? Prove it was an illegal substance?


I love a conspiracy theory, and would entertain almost anything in regards to the AFL, … but it’s a stretch to believe they would shoot their own team and themselves in the foot like that.

This hasn’t come from them.

All it takes is for someone who was once a friend, or BF /GF, to get wronged or o/wise pi55ed off, and bang, the revenge posting of private stuff occurs.

…* Take note young players, … don’t send selfies of stupid shitt or nudes, or let anyone video you doing something you wouldn’t be happy for everyone to know about, … no matter how good a friend you think they are, or how in love you think you are.


Equally, grow up and don’t do drugs and stupid stuff.


You’re not my dad.


The scary thing about Blitz is that any of you could be my dad




How are you doing in jail ?

Your Mother will visit soon with a cake.




Tell her not to jump out of it this time


Like litter, J-walk, drink alcohol, smoke tobacco, go 5km/h over the speed limit?


vote no…


If you were to change the name of the player involved to say John Doe. Has anyone seen these text messages circulating online that they are reporting in the rage?


Hard not to see them. They’re everywhere.


GWS will help him in his rehabilitation from this because it’s a harmless substance?

It’s obvious what the substance was, the club’s reaction indicates exactly what the substance was. Much like what occurred with Carlisle.

No need to pretend otherwise.


I agree about the rehab. My point was that there’s no way he’s going to be charged for anything because nothing can be proven.


Being that the incident was 3 years ago, it’s quite possible the Rehab thing is just for AFL & club PR purposes, and if so, if I was Mummy, I would be tempted to say get stuffed.

It implies being out of control with the stuff, addiction, and an inability for self control. all of which (witch?) are not necessarily true, and would be unjust to be branded with if he actually has no abuse issue.



CEO Gill McLachlan and other league hierarchy raised eyebrows for a sudden disappearing act at the AFLW draft. No sooner had Nina Morrison’s name been called, they all made for the exit avoiding any questions about the Shane Mumford’s drug video.


(it’s behind a pay wall, not interested in reading it, only posted coz that bit made me laugh)


I deny everything. Fake news.