Season 2018 - Greater Western Sydney




Jackets didn’t like having to give over 2 1st rounders


There are a few AFL players you wouldn’t want to be p*ssed off with you and S Mumford is one of them. I fear for video owner’s welfare.


sauso’s revenge


He doesn’t strike me as the brightest person, it’s not inconceivable that he sent it himself.


To get the Giants off his back about making a comeback? Lol


He’s not that smart


As humourous as that idea is, I just can’t go with it.


Can’t believe it hasn’t been posted here yet…
Apparently after changes to the rookie rule, Shane Mumford can choose not to nominate for the draft and go to GWS as a rookie on December 1.

I don’t get it.


Ruckman must be becoming like hen’s teeth. It’s very clever of Sydney to come up with the Kurt Tippett plan maybe about as clever as we were with one of our Cat B rookie with an Indian Mum.

Its all about the tweeking game and the AFL’s ambiguous rules and how far they can be tweeked before the AFL slams the garden door.


Think there is a new rule (or one was just unaware of) regarding DFA’s and 2yr window from when they were cut.

Players delisted in 2017 for example like Mummy and Clarke also who in mix for us I believe are able to just get picked up without going through draft

I suspect because half of salary can be kept outside of cap and fact rookies can play without LTI now they just offered Mummy more to be a rookie than what they would on primary list so he’d be happy to do so.


All clubs do it. That decision of “do you operate or do you try and see if you can avoid it and work through it.” For those we hear about having to go late for surgery there’ll be others where it worked out.

GREATER Western Sydney’s long-running injury woes have continued before the new season has even begun, with star forward Toby Greene to have surgery on Tuesday to repair an ankle issue.

Greene suffered the injury in the Giants’ semi-final loss to Collingwood at the MCG, and while the club’s medical staff had hoped to avoid an operation, the problem hasn’t improved over the off-season.


Remember when people said the Giants were due a good run with injuries? Yeah, nah… That future second rounder is looking a bit better…


The Giants fitness staff are the worst in the comp.
Gold Coast are just a touch better.
I wouldn’t be using either of them as validation that ‘■■■■ happens’ with injuries.

We’re no where near their incompetence. Injury prevention wise, I think we’d be better than average.


I think i hear Lloydy or “Lordo” talk about that during trade radio. said their fitness department was at “crisis” level bad. doesent seem to have been widely spread by the media either.


Greene’s ace even with a rooted ankle.


Looks like you have taken up the offer of 2 Sydney based club memberships for the price of one.


Every team in the league would kill for T Greene.


You’d give them a bit of leeway early on with all the kids they had, but now their list is pretty old/mature there’s not too much of an excuse.
I think losing Wilmott has hurt Giants in that department as well.


I’d like to think he did his ankle when kicking someone.