Season 2018 - Hawthorn


I doubt Dean has seen the old Willie for quite a long time either.


S Michael hardly wanted to be in Perth so moving to Melbourne wasn’t an option. He came close to signing with Geelong but after regularly giving the Victorians a pasting in SOO, didn’t think the hassle was worth it.


I think Rioli is a very good player, but not a star. I think he is a bit overrated because he is a beautiful player to watch, like watching Fed play tennis or MWaugh bat. They didn’t have any glaring weaknesses, but Rioli’s low number of possessions as he never built a tank was a weakness which would have shown up more if he played in an average side. He was also injury prone.
The great teams tend to have some of their components over rated eg after 2000 the media raved about John Quinn and Peter Jackson.


I get the Hawk hate and even saying he wasn’t a champion (fairly obvious). However, he was a star of the game. People went to see him play and admire him. Teams tried to develop plans to neutralise him. He made defenders worry. Nothing wrong with admitting he was a top talent.


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The game we beat them early 2015. Throw in on our HFF…10 seconds to go…admittedly the Hawthorn guy got it away with a bit of a fluke but how could Rioli have been left on his own? A second away from costing us the match.

You always had to have a man on him…and then hope for the best.


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I never warmed to Brian Lake.


I can kinda see both sides of the argument. He’s an out and out champion but I also think there is extra fawning over him due to his name. I can remember Davey doing things that Cyril would do and not getting half the praise that Cyril would (note that I fully recognise that Cyril was far better, far more often and for far longer than Davey).


gagf hawks


■■■■■■ hell, they’ve still got an easy run home.

Carlton, Free (in Perth) and St Kilda still to come.

Plus Geelong, Sydney and us.


We owe them for the game earlier in the year.


The only real gimme game in that lot is against fark carlton


True. But even if we knock them off and have hopes for the top 8 at that stage, I still suspect they’ll snag one against Geelong or Sydney, so we’ll need Freo or Saints to do the job


Heading for an extended period of mediocrity. Free agency won’t save them, but what a sensational team they built from 2008 to 2015. Was also considering how surprising it was that our 1985 team was so good, but they were the dominant team from that era.


I reckon Hawthorn have the thinnest midfield going around.

Mitchell, OMeara, Shiels and…


Isaac Smith


Carlton and Freo say Hi.


I could name 4 mids from both of those sides, and Brisbane, and St Kilda.

Hawks have never really batted deep through there, and Clarkson’s never based a gameplan on the inside contest, but jeez they’ve got a lot of nobody left-right half-utilities on their list.


Probably provides more evidence of what a good coach Clarkson is to keep them competing for a top 8 spot.