Season 2018 - Hawthorn


Time to trot out the jumpers where someone took a dump in a box of musk sticks.


My father in law, who is a little blind, spent the first half barracking for Brisbane… he just assumed that poos and wees would be Hawthorn, not the Pink team


Sicily in for scans on a suspected broken wrist.


Hawks lack depth

Have burgoyne out, add McEvoy and RIoli is gone.
Add Sicily to the list if injured, you would probably rest him against the blues.


Gonna be painful to “high five” on that hand now !


Taken from a poster on Bigfooty.

Apparently confirmed by the club.
Sicily out for 6 weeks !


EAD Hawks


This is helpful…If true


Big opportunity in 2 weeks as their injury list is growing & we will be coming off a rousing victory against the Swans ( well maybe )

Could Stringer be ready for the Hawks?


Hope it’s not true, because he’s a key part of my FF team.
Either way, six weeks seems excessive for a wrist.
He must have friggin’ smashed it, and since he saw the game out, this is my dubious face. :confused:


Hawks Website.
Looks legit…


Scaphoid that sucks.

Welcome to the world of Micheal “concrete hands” Hurley


Damn I wanted JOE to monster him.


He wouldn’t, though.
Joe is his perfect opponent.
If you want to destroy Sicily, play a tall deep and a small as a marking target on the next line.
Maybe Fantasia.
Someone like that.


I’ve done a scaphoid and six weeks certainly ain’t excessive.


Scaphoid is the bone that doesn’t get blood, so really hard to heal if at all isn’t it?


Yeah, didn’t think it was that.




I want Sicily to come back early and JOE to suck all the blood out of his scaphoid and spit it out at the hawks members section after hes kicked his 10th on him.


It depends on where the break occurs. The blood is distributed poorly within the bone. If the break occurs at the wrong end its going to take longer to heal. Ambrose had a favourable break location and was out for 5 weeks, over the bye , meaning he missed 4.